Event>> Jtuned Meet At Stanton Autobacs Store

Just last weekend, I kept hearing all this talk about the return of Jtuned… apparently Jtuned.com will be coming back, with new people involved, but the same type of high quality automotive content. To kick off the website's return, the new Jtuned staff held a car meet at Super Autobacs in Stanton, CA. I got the invite, and all email correspondence about the meet, but I had to go to Northern California for a good friend's wedding, so I couldn't attend the meet.

However, I found these photos from the meet, taken by one of the Jtuned staff guys. I just thought I'd post them up so some of our readers would check out their website too.

Above, a JDM car meet in Southern Cali wouldn't be complete without a JDM Integra and RSX.

Nice wheel fitment on this S14.

There were even a bunch of Honda Ruckus riders in attendance, riding around. Is this the future of the automotive aftermarket? What do you guys think?

I dig this gray 350Z. It definitely has the best wheels in this group. For more photos, go to Jtuned.com!

Photos by: Philip Tieu

-Antonio Alvendia



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Those TE37 Time Attacks aren't to shabby themselves


OOOOh man.... i love the ruckus..... and i love my ruckus.


Ruckus! hells yeah it's the future! let me try to find a thread that has one of the sickest builds of anything ever, and it happens to be a ruckus with a 450cc motor and juice >:D




thank god jtuned is coming back.......


more pictures of the celica convertible!


Speaking of Ruckuses (rucki?), my friends and I just got back from the Black Friday Sale at Bowls LA. Bowls LA is one of the coolest, most trendsetting shops out there, making JDM parts and accessories for Honda Ruckus scooters available to the public. Their custom Ruckus scooters look super cool! They're fun and cheap local transportation for these guys, who also own cars like AE86 and 240Zs. Respect, props to Bowls LA!



damn, it's nissan month but you got no luv for my m35x @ the meet? weeeeak!!! hahaha j/p man.


Those time attacks or off the hook!


David, i wasnt even there, so i didnt see pics of your car. you should have sent me photos, but you didn't. wheel spacers pls!


Antonio---when were you at Bowls? Was there twice yesterday, and went back again with Reiko today...Can't believe i didnt run into you.


Speaking of Rucks we just featured Ryan's Ruck on SpeedLounge.com http://www.thespeedlounge.com/sl/2008/11/12/bring-on-the-ruckus/#more-462


I'm glad jtuned is back. Those people have always taken plenty of good detailed pics and nice write up.


was agood event i went down there for about an hour to have a look around and got plenty of photos myself

and the black 350 with the time attacks was awsome

also those scion wagons going around were sick we dont have them here in oz


Jeez Scott! You went to Bowls 3 times this weekend?! I guess we know who bought out all the shirts in the bins, buy one get one free! hahaha Between Bowls, Schikane, Cipher Garage, Sinful Things, and Stussy, I think everyone in our crew has the same t shirts by now. We need to find different stuff to rock! lol

Hm, maybe you can buy a Ruckus and put a sidecar on it for Mikala...!


Nice Celica in the background!


More the ra64 vert in background guys!!!!



These are my photos, how can I have my name credited for these? I sent an e-mail through the "contact us" option, please get back to me asap.


Philip Tieu


ahhh okok Antonio, i'll get my hands on the spacers in the front, rear sits pretty legit; and i'll forward you new pix hopefully later this week!

some new pix of the porsche too!


Just saw my name on the page, thanks it really means a lot to me!