Event>>fall Time Drift & Grip Madness At Tsukuba

I just got back to my apartment after spending the day at Tsukuba Circuit for a big drift and grip soukoukai event hosted by HPI. I have to say that I this is one of THE best events I have ever been to. In fact, if someone could attend just one event to get a taste of Japanese car life, this one would have been perfect. I'm dead tired and have a ton of photos to go through, so for now I'll just post up a few quick photos showing some of today's highlights.

Not only was the event itself great, but today was the first time I have shot an event under sunny skies for a LONG time. Japanese winters are cold, but you have to love the beautiful, clear skies and dry weather! I feel kind of refreshed…

A flame shooting FD3S during the morning's grip session. As you can see, Tsukuba Circuit is now transformed into its winter-time brown scenery.

The whole afternoon was dedicated to drifting, something that is fairly rare to see on the big TC2000 course. The action some of the best I have ever seen. We are talking 5-6 car tandem formations with a mix of both pros and seasoned privateer drivers. Awesome!

Seeing the red wide body JZX100 Chaser and S15 Silvia might make you think these are drift cars, but these are grip machines through and through. Look how beautiful weather is! Sorry if I'm getting carried away, but I'm just so happy not having to see an ugly gray sky…

The JZX100 Toyota Cresta from Team "Fool" sliding through Tsukuba's first hairpin under the late afternoon sun.

Plenty of D1 Street Legal drivers were on hand…

…along with a few drivers from the "big leauges".

Time to grab some dinner. Much more from Tsukuba Circuit soon!

-Mike Garrett



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Nice pictures and great story this must be a realy good event ! would be nice 2 see some 5-6 car tandem formation drifts videos !


Finally, something worth reading. I'm not sure about everyone else but I'm sick of the Red Bull stuff... way over done with it. Please give us more pictures on this though! :)


Great pictures there. More pics please !!!!


More photos D:



the celica-supra in the 3rd pic is made of sooooo much win


yeah i just happened to notice, what looks like, a celica to be drifting. more pics or info on that?


It is a JZA80 Supra with a last gen Celica front end grafted onto it.

Great pictures. I look forward to more!


duuuude that supra with the celica front end is sick!! more info would be sweet!


More pics of the red wide body' JZX100 please !!!! It looks sooo cool


this is like japans asb and grip-n-slip all in one.. awsomeness.


Its a Celi-pra.


I want more picture on the white 180SX on the 3rd pic, and also the red JZX100 Chaser!


This is why japan pwns when its comes to fun car stuff.


That red Chaser is sick!


Can't wait to see some more pics. Nice post, thanks Mike!


Dude the Rx-7 flame was sick!


awesome post dude, some great pictures too
im planning to go to japan in the summer so i might see if i can catch some drift sessions or maybe a round of D1GP


Y k lo k con Mike Garrett k no coje vacacione

no se pierde de un evento

hoooooooooooooooooo pero coje vacaciones


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