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This car is my favorite R34. It’s a perfect example of how a Time Attack Skyline should look like. Best thing of it all, it has the performance figures to back it up. Last year, during the Revspeed Time Attack Challenge at Tsukuba, Mspeed achieved the fastest time of 54:481 seconds, making it the fastest Skyline of the day. This year, they’ll return and will be facing some stiff competition from the Prostock R34 and Nagisa Auto R34. I can’t wait for the coverage that Mike will be posting on Speedhunters.

The car is no longer Streetlegal, but who cares? Did you ever see a Skyline this low? The frontsplitter looks like it would be constantly scraping the ground, it’s made from FRP and is only available when you buy the complete eleven piece bodykit. The splitter is a complete under panel for full downforce generation.

Maybe you noticed the exhaust on the right of the car, poking through the sideskirt. It’s a straight pipe design with no restrictors or anything else for that matter.

The green wheels and yellow bodywork works perfectly together. The wheels feature a one lug system, I’m not sure if the car benefits from it but I think it looks really cool. The wheels are made by Rays and are called TE37MAG, they come in size 18″. The tires are extra sticky RE55 by Bridgestone in 265-35-18.

The massive spoiler is of course made from carbon and covers the entire rear of the car. Mspeed also offers a carbon trunk to replace your heavy metal one.

Just look at the size of that frontsplitter, it’s just insane. You also get a glimpse of the stripped interior. The frontbumper is specially designed for this application and it features a ARC intercooler that was made to fit. The bonnet can be ordered in carbon for around 4000 dollars.

A close look from behind reveals the extra wide FRP rearfenders. The wheels sit snuggly under the fender thanks to some wheel spacers.

From this angle you can see the extensive roll cage welded onto the chassis. Speaking of the chassis, it is completely seam welded to give the car more rigidity. This will prevent the car from flexing in the corners and helps the car to achieve faster times.

There’s not a whole lot going on in the interior but it just screams functionality. The entire dashboard has been ditched in favor of a much lighter one made from carbon. It features a Motec engine management and waring lights for the ABS and LSD on the right you can also see the shift light.

The engine capacity has been increased from 2.6 to 2.8 liter and the stock turbo’s have been replaced for faster spooling AX53B60 turbo’s made by Apexi. The inlet manifold, elbows and downpipes are made in house by Mspeed themselves. This year they have fine tuned the engine and recorded an output of 780ps. That’s a insane amount of power for a Time Attack car, the real problem with these kind of figures are to get horsepower on the road. But somehow Mspeed have mastered the technique and they will be defending the title this year.

Here’s another cool shot of the one lug system and the huge Brembo 4 pot calipers in the rear. The calipers in the front are a set of 6 pot Brembo’s. The rotors are 380mm in the front and 355 in the rear. If that doesn’t stop the car I do not know what will.

Mike better bring his camera to witness this beast while it is doing its rounds at Tsukuba!

Photos by Dino Dalle Carbonare

-Jeroen Willemsen





No matter how cool I can build my car, someone will always have a better one. 


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