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It seems these days, when people think of Nissans, they automatically think of S13s, S14s, 350z, and such. However, I just wanted to remind everyone that in the mid to late 1990s, when FF Honda drag racing was the rage, the Nissan Sentra SE-R was one of the most popular Nissans to modify. It was Nissan's answer to the heavy hitting front wheel drive cars, like the Civic and Integra… especially with the popularity of SR20DET engines and turbo upgrades!

I test drove a newer Nissan Sentra SE-R a while back at Miami's Homestead-Miami Speedway, so look out for those photos on Speedhunters sometime soon. However, I just thought I'd bring it back for a bit, this goes out to the old school SE-Rs… here's a photo of Project Car Magazine's Sentra, which I saw on a trailer at Buttonwillow yesterday.

-Antonio Alvendia



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haha. the OG owner of this car (who sold it to Project Car Mag) is a good friend of my cousin...met him randomly at my cousin's bday party...crazy stuff.


i have always wanted to build one ever since SCC did a build on one.


I've heard the early SE-Rs are hardcore stuff compared to the newer ones. I'd love to drive one, looks like a car I might actually be able to afford.


Scott, if you're down to goto Long Beach tomorrow, hit me up!


SE-R's have always had good light platforms with decently powerful engines... i test drove one before settling on the GTI, it came with some nice options like the six-speed stick and the engine was smooth (only ten hp less and it was NA, very impressive!) but it just didn't feel right inside..



a friend of mine a while back had a sentra of the same vintage as the one shown above, it was such a blast to drive! 1.5L but still 16v, i loved the sound it made even with stock everything lol


The SE-R wasn't an answer to anything made by Honda. In 1991, what other sport compact had SR20 thrust, 7500 RPM redline, factory limited slip, four-wheel disc, quasi-race seats, and rifle-bolt shift action for $13k? It was a C&D Ten Best four years in a row for a reason. Everyone else brought their game to the SE-R's level.

Before the sport compact scene was popular, the stereotypes held the Civic as a librarian's hauler and the 240SX as a truck-powered secretary's car. The SE-R/NX2000, however, was a cult car loved by everyone: road racers, autocrossers, drag racers, and everyone in between. Gearheads adored them, which made them the late-90s anti-rice when driving a Japanese compact meant buying a bodykit and clear tails.

B13/B14 SE-Rs were brilliant because you didn't have to install a JDM engine off a pallet to make them any good, or import a car via the grey market. They're a real USDM barrel of fun right out of the box, no mods necessary. I've owned two B13 SE-Rs and a P10 G20 with some mods, and autocrossed/open-tracked/dragged the wheels off of them. I wish I could buy a bone-stock 1992 SE-R brand new off the showroom floor. They're that good.


hi, yall it's great to see some se-r love... i personally have a 2003 se-r specV turbo that i daily drive and road race locally here in Puerto Rico. Nissan has some great platforms in every way you want them...


Love the DAKINE sticker on the back. 808 represent!


JimR, okay man, I stand corrected. You definitely know more about SERs than I do. I just remember that back in the 90s, when the FF drag guys were all doing Honda stuff, a few guys I knew "who wanted to be different" built up SERs... that's what I meant by that. However, when you look at it in your terms, the intro of the SER in 1991 was certainly early and before the big Honda boom. And you're right, none of the Hondas had specs like that. It's a gearhead's car for sure. My friend Roger from 805 area had one with some nice silver Volk TE37s... I wonder what ever happened to those wheels...

BTW, Justin: Hell yea bradda! 808 love for sure!


....and I can't believe you posted a Sentra after I asked you to...or maybe it's just a coincidence.

Still, I think Mike Kojima's SE-R V SPEC is Speedhunters material.

Somebody posts this up already.


Aloha everyone. :) I was driving the car @ SLB. Great to see some low buck brawler coverage. Antonio, haven't seen you in years! Didn't realize you were covering the event. I wish we could have chatted. Still miss my MR2s!


Oh, I shot this photo before I read your comment, I was planning to post it because it's Nissan month. It's pure coincidence, I actually am good friends with Mike Kojima, and we're planning to get something together so we can feature his many Sentras, but right now I'm slammed with SH work!!! Sooo many photo shoots to do, and soo little time. I can't even work on my own car right now, so sad... needs steering rack fixed, and an alignment so I can drive the damn thing, just no time....

Jeff! Sorry, I didn't get a chance to see everyone!!! Damn, let's make plans to meet up sometime soon! Will you be at the Grip Day at the end of the month? If I can get my car together in time, I wanna drive that event! All my other old school 86 friends are going!


SE-R > Si

Nissan ownz


Hah, that's Jeff Ho See in the pic! And the SE-R was nice, but it's a faded memory now since the aftermarket didn't embrace it like the Hondas. Nissan doesn't "ownz" anything these days except Subaru/Mitsu's balls....


I own a Nissan B13 with SR20DE naturally aspired.
It's my daily driven car, family car, i drive it around with my baby and wife.
Very cold ac , and when I want that power when I drive for fun, It gives until you want.^__^
I named it smaug cause I feel like Its flying when I use its ponies ... ^___^ and its throwing fire at the exhaust pipe ^ ^ for real.


This is smaug with a Nissan Motor of SR20DE. Fire Catches Fire ^_^


I have a sentra b13 with SR20 motor inside and i love my daily drive and sunday fun run with it. Long Live Nissan


I really want to see some SE R or sentra scenes here at Speedhunter


more feature of this 90's forgotten hero


more SE R or sentra updates ^ ^


#nissan #sentra ^_^