Random Snap>> Work Elise

I know the Lotus Elise as a lightweight car that is very competitive on the circuit when pushed hard. I see them quite often because they are very popular and you get a lot of bang for the buck. Most of the cars are left standard and are driven by guys who are in their mid-life crisis, at least in Holland.

But luckily for us there are exceptions because some people add some Japanese flavor to the mix. This Elise is rocking some insane cool looking Work Meisters with a perfect fitment. The carbon diffuser and the custom exhaust also adds to the JDM vibe.

-Jeroen Willemsen

First spotted on The Ku Life



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sick, makes me want one. O WAIT! I cant afford one...o well a guy can dream right.


more pictures man. any more? any link to go?


At 42k for an Elise it is definitely an attainable dream car joe.


Is it just my regret that Speedhunters don't offer ALL of their posted pictures in high-res? I know this one couldn't be helped, since The Ku Life posted it in max resolution that was only slightly higher than this one, but still. I just finally got a good setup where i can run 19**x12** resolutions, and all of these pics look like thumbnails. =<

Just saying, if the Speedhunters can travel all over the world, and lug thousands upon thousands of dollars' worth of capturing equipment, might as well extend the wallpaper section.


I dont see any JDM flavours on this to be honest. it has a racing influenced exhaust, rear wing and diffuser, which is fitting for Lotus.

This looks like this could be from the British Car meet, here in Vancouver. There was a good collection of Loti this year.


mid-life crisis car??? come on now....


What Andy and kowalski said.


w00t some canadian flavour on the front page :D


i really like the wing and the diffuser, they work so well with the wheels! even the exhaust tip looks awesome


I stole this picture too. Good taste! Great car.


I'm serious about the mid life crisis part, it seems that in Holland a lot of middle aged man drive this kind of car.


Maybe not so much of a crisis thing, perhaps at a stage in life where they have the disposable $$ and want to get a fun car as a reward for working hard.


There is one I see all the time at Santana Row in San Jose (a gray one). It's an Exige with SSR Type F rims, and a huge carbon diffuser. The owner (some asian dude) ditched the 2ZZ and swapped in a K20. It's un understatement saying the car MOVES !


interesting to see that my blog content made it on here.


Oh I recognize that image, I saw it on flickr last year.

Lets give the photographer Eric Flexyourhead some credit.



wow nice shot!


I think that exhaust and the diffusor cold be mady by Komo-Tec from Germany


This guy was at a track event I was part of last week, and I thought MY car was loud, he got flagged for being over the sound limit at the track and had to park the car. He also instructed that day as well. Sounded pretty awesome banging gears around the track though.