Random Snap>> Titanium S15

This wheel was spotted on a Nissan S15 during a Australian car show. The car has the best of both worlds, it sports some serious power and has some nice parts to show it off. The most striking part of the car are the wheels, they are a set of Gram Lights 57s-pro with a titanium coated outer edge. These wheels will give you some serious styling points on any carshow.

The picture was taken by Felix Alim

-Jeroen Willemsen

Gram Lights, spotted on the racer86 blog



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I think the wheels look kind of neat while sitting in the PARK position.

However, I've seen them on a car while in motion and they look TERRIBLE.

The difference in colors makes the wheel look like it is terribly bent and mishapen.


Ohhhhh MY GOD! I never knew it could be like this.....so freakin awesome haha!


I always thought these wheels were kinda ghey. They dont look too cool while spinning.


I used this process on a bike that I designed.... THe rest of the bike didnt turn out to hot!..haha

but the finish is insane... not exactly my taste but it paired with the clear wheels was a hit.



I think they are kinda ghey too, like Section9 pointed out; especially since everyone started to rave so much about this titanium hue finish. From exhaust pipes, tips, shift knob, turbo piping, R35 GT-R hood stick, everything seems "so cool" with this titanium finish. I say, stop copy-cat, and think with your own head.


That car actually competed in the Drift Australia series this year - with different wheels though.

Went really well for a new car, Christian Pickering was the driver who also did some formula D rounds this year too.


@enemy2fashion, I hope you don't ride that bike in public, it could cause accidents;) Anyway, I saw these in person on a Mk. V GTI and part of me thought they were somewhat cool, but I still regard these as a bit to bling/gaudy for my tastes. On a side note, A fishing tackle company, Quantum has been using this finish on their reels for some years now, so it's not exactly "cutting edge" to me.


Wow,impressive...and beautiful!!


That looks insane -enemy2fashion- I like it.


enemy2fashion: whoa, if the lip on these wheels look like that when zoomed out then hm... kinda gotta agree with Section09 . btw, trippy bike , seriously .


i like this wheel but maybe it would look better on a luxery or vip ride.


yuk... that's soooo ghey...


Yeah cool but imagine mashing them up drifting?

Not something so cheap to replace.

I only seen them in motion on the Top Secret Z. Figures.


enemy2fashion, I just saw your bike on the cover of 2 Wheel Tuner mag in the store. Definitely craziness with the clear wheels. Is there a manufacturer that makes those clear wheels, 'cause yours is the second bike I've seen them on?


like some one above said this is now a thrashed out drift australia car and now wears te37s



the first bike you saw them on was definitely the LRG BUSA that I did when I worked for Advanstar... the company that owns 2Wheel Tuner.

The wheels were manufactured by MHT but the inventor has since split from MHT and started his own thing. They are available exclusively through http://www.cscbikes.com


i wanted to buy these rims fo rmy car... turns out theyre 850$ each... without tires customs n shipping.....


The whole car is awesome, should have had more than just a shoot of the rims.

For those saying the rims are "ghey", you are fucking retarded. They look awesome in real life and suited the car perfectly.