Random Snap>> Speedlounge Free Track Day At E-town

I know that it’s currently “Southern Cali month” on Speedhunters, but I just wanted to mention this cool event I heard about on the East Coast!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could go road racing in your own car, for FREE? You can’t get anything for free these days (except for the cool stories and photos you get from Speedhunters.com). In fact, I heard that even those “free credit reports” online aren’t really free – in order to get them, you have to agree to receive all sorts of spam email based on the info that the credit report website sells to email marketing companies!

So imagine my surprise when I heard that our friends from The Speed Lounge ( www.SpeedLounge.com ) were going to host a FREE track day at one of the East Coast’s favorite stomping grounds, Englishtown in New Jersey.

This free track day came about because the SpeedLounge guys teamed up with the management over at E-town’s Old Bridge Township Raceway Park to promote their new 1.35 mile road course to the East Coast drivers! This new course wasn’t designed as a top speed course, but more of a technical road course, so that amateur-to-intermediate drivers could come out and test the handling of their high performance cars at a safe location! Those New Jersey cops aren’t too friendly, so coming out to E-town to test the limits of your performance vehicles is a good idea. A low-to middle speed technical course like this new one at E-town is perfect and welcoming to normal everyday drivers who aren’t used to driving high speed courses like Watkins Glen.

That’s pretty cool, I wish I was out there to drive the track for free. I saw that a lot of different cars, from Civics to RSXs to S2000s to Eclipses to Skylines to Lancer Evos participated in this event, but for more pics, check out the gallery at SpeedLounge.com!

-Antonio Alvendia

The Speed Lounge

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love the blue tape. There is an Audi A4 on the net somewhere covered entirely in it :)


Sweet, an event somewhat close! This is weird but I just had a picture of someone bringing a smartfortwo to this event.....God what am I thinking?


Dang, I wish Miller Motorsports Park would do that. ha ha I guess I need a car first.


wow. i haven't been to speedlounge in forever. honestly ever since finding all of you guys blogs before Speedhunters i haven't really visited the other media sites i usually surf.


Its ROBEVO! He's one of the main members of TriStateEvo! Check this out, I made their website: http://tristateevo.com/



it was a fun day, glad I attended.


Stayed tuned for more events like this on http://SpeedLounge.com


It was definitely a dope event! A bunch of real nice cars were out there, including the 4 or 5 skylines! It was my first time out on a roadcourse, and honestly I probably would have never done it if it wasn't free. But it was a great time and I'd like to do it again!


Thank you Speedlounge for setting up this dope event!


awesome pics.

Great event!

i like thos Skylines too.

But the Evo rules :)


Hey Speedlounge guys, you may have free track days out in Jersey, but guess what? We have something almost as good! There's a "fake In N Out" burger joint RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from Chris's house that looks like In N Out, smells like In N Out, and even tastes exactly like In N Out... but it's only 99 CENTS for a hamburger on Tues, Wed, Thur, and Sun! Whats up now, suckas!


WTF is an In and Out Burger? lol, j/k I think I saw a few while visiting my sis in San Diego. We have White Castle, East coast, ya heard!?