Random Snap>> Impreza On Bbs

I'm not a big fan of the Subaru Impreza, but I do see a lot of potential in them. Especially when they are mated with a set of classic BBS wheels. I really like the stance of this car, and I feel that the BBS RS can make any car look good. I also saw a red Impreza with gold BBS wheels, but that combination didn't worked well. The black of this Impreza together with the silver of the wheels looks much better. What do you think about this setup?

-Jeroen Willemsen

Spotted on JDM Style Tuning



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These wheels dont fit Impreza style..


Its not bad, but could use more offset.


i kinda dont like it, it needs a bit more of a negative offset...just a little


I happen to think that the red wrx with the bbs is hot fire. I donno why you dont, but I think that one stands out more


I like it, but I do agree, just a little offset


I typically like red with gold wheels.... but I didnt see the particular Impreza you were refering to so I must take your word for it. As for the black one... I say Meh Cool but not the coolest.


I think it looks cool. Definately differnet though. I would take off the center caps.


I'm not a big fan of BBS myself. but they do make good quality rims.

The only Subie I saw with BBS was that Japanese replica of Solberg's WRC car with that wild carbon fiber body kit and gold BBS.

That car looked nice. The one above, not my cup of tea.


i don't know how i feel about this setup, i commend the owner for trying something new but i don't think the mesh type wheels look so good on this car, maybe lower offset is needed like joe said? or if this and the red impreza swap wheels


i personally think that the rims should be fitted on a more old school car

like e30, fc3s, s13 and such


Interesting and different from the norm on the Imprezas. I like it.


Nice. Unique especially when you think that these kind of wheels are usually fitted on older cars. When you think of Imprezas, you usually think of one-piece racing wheels, but I think this one pulls it off. Cool.


Interesting alright, but I don't like it, I still think the wheels would look better on older cars, say, SA22Cs, Ford Escorts :)


i love it! as a euro fan with a bit of a thing for rallye cars, this really sates my taste for awesome JDM-euro crossover action!

the fact that they're BBS RS301 (17" and 5x100) makes it all the better, usually when people are rocking super-balling sets of RS's, they're 15's or maximum 16's since they cost sooaooaoo much (up to 3k canadian for a mint set of 15's with kodiak or schmidt lips)


oh and to respond to Joe about needing a lower offset, Subarus have high positive offsets from the factory, something like mid-50's stock, so fitting something that looks amazing on an S13, say, would require either a widebody (like the rallye instances) or some extensive fender modification or large flares (like STi models). i think that this guy has done VERY well considering the offset limitation he's had to deal with.


incidentally, if you're wondering how i know this (having proclaimed more than once my Euro allegiance), many VW's are also 5x100, and a friend and i once discussed test-fitting my GTI's rims on his impreza, but he told me why it wouldn't work out too well, and the plight many subaru drivers face :P


Those wheels have no business on that car!


as much as im not really feelin those wheels i give the guy credit for trying something different.


Looks okay, but considering most 5 lug VWs are 5x100 like Subarus, those wheels were most likely designed for a VW


BBS CH or LM would be a far better choice


Hmmm......stance of the car looks good but the wheels are obviously photoshopped in. They look 'flat' and appear to be angled in ps.


S_Cherry, as a seasoned Photoshop expert (i've been using it since 1998), and an accomplished amateur photographer, AND a huge car guy, i can say that you're convincing youself of something that simply isn't true. those wheels are really on that impreza.


in fact, here's a whole thread of pictures of it. http://forums.subdriven.com/zerothread?id=3601386


I do love me some BBS wheels but those are hideous and may scare small children... :) no offense to the people that like those! haha


It looks good but in my opinion i think Subies need more tire!!! :-)