News>> R.i.p. Riceboy Tv

Tonight is Halloween night. While many people spent the night trick-or-treating or braving haunted houses with ghosts, graveyards, cobwebs and RIP signs, there appears to be an all-too-real RIP sign in the ground for our friends at It hasn't been officially announced yet, but a lot of people in the industry have been talking about it today… and I guess news travels fast!

Just before you think I'm trying to spread bad rumors about other websites, hold your horses… when I heard about it, I called my friends at RBTV right away to see if it was just an ugly rumor. Sadly enough, RBTV head honcho John Naderi confirmed what I had heard, and told me it would be cool to write about it on Speedhunters. Apparently, the downturn in the stock market had a big effect on the people who were funding the project, and now the actual staff behind RBTV are trying to regroup quickly and roll a new project!

So please hit them up at SEMA if you know anyone who has extra dough to invest in Nads, JDM Justin, Rikdaddy, Robleto, and their super dope video shooters, Will Roegge and Yusaku!

Okay it's getting late, and I think there's a party in Hollywood with scantily clad angels, devils, nurses that I need to get to! I'm ghost

-Antonio Alvendia