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I just got back to my apartment in Tsukuba City after the LONG drive home from Fuji Speedway. Driving the highways in Japan is NOTHING like in the US and let's just say that a Sunday night is not the ideal time to be driving on the Tomei Expressway coming back from the tourist haven of Mt. Fuji. I'm about ready to fall asleep here at the computer, but before I do I wanted to post the top 10 finishers from today's event and 2008 D1GP season champion.

D1GP Rd. 7 Fuji Results

1. Masao Suenaga FD3S

2. Nobushige Kumakubo CT9A

3. Masato Kawabata RPS13

4. Daigo Saito JZX100

5. Yoshinori Koguchi RPS13

6. Youichi Imamura S15

7. Takahiro Ueno JZZ30

8. Tetsuya Hibino AE86

9. Drift Samurai FC3S

10. Tsuyoshi Tezuka R32

As the top 10 shows, Daigo Saito was able to fend off Youichi Imamura (they were actually pitted against each other during the Best 8) and take home his first D1GP series title. I have a ton of photos to go through, but for now congrats to Saito for the series championship and to Masao Suenaga for his event victory!


-Mike Garrett



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Hot pants! I can't wait for the pictures, good work Mike. :)


Sick! congrats to Daigo.


.....Thanks Mike for the super quick heads up!

I guess Nomura Ken didn't make the cut....

I'm not particulary a Nomura Ken's fan, but I gotta give him the "hyaku ten" for always giving 110%.....

I hope for a better result for him next time :)


I presume Daigo is off to Long Beach then?


what happened to Nomuken?


More importantly, gotta love that Soarer banner in the back ^_^


JZX100's rule supreme. Long live the JZX.


the banner was there because it was the last event ueno takahiro drove the soarer in D1 before he switch to the BMW for next season


man every time i hear about Masao Suenaga he just keeps getting better, and good job for Daigo placing the chaser that high.