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The 2008 SEMA show is fast approaching, and as the big show draws closer, builders are starting to show off this year's project cars. The new Dodge Challenger will certainly be one of the most popular platforms at this year's show and a number of tuners have already shown their SEMA Challengers. The latest player is Chrysler itself who just unveiled their Dodge Challenger SRT10 Concept. As the name suggests, the Challenger has been outfitted with the 600hp 8.4L V10 from the Dodge Viper and becomes that latest in a long line of Mopars to be stuffed with the big ten-banger over the years.

Body mods to this concept include the front splitter as well as a carbon hood and trunklid. The most noticeable exterior modification on the Challenger SRT10 has to be the shaker hood scoop that was inspired by the original Challenger's sister car, the Hemi 'Cuda. The wheels and Bilstein suspension are also unique to this concept.

A cool shot of the car cruising next to its Viper relative. Obviously the giant V10 is not going to help the Challenger's already less-than nimble driving characteristics, but I'd say it's a fine example of the classic hot rodding tradition of equipping a car with the biggest and most powerful motor as possible. Handling, gas mileage be damned! Considering today's rough economic conditions and rapidly changing auto market, I'd say a production version is probably out of the question, but it still makes for a fun diversion doesn't it?

So what do you guys think of this beast? Of course it won't be the fastest or most balanced car out there, but I think it certainly has its merit.

I suppose we will have to wait until next year to see someone rival this by building a "Camaro ZR1" by outfitting the flagship Vette's supercharged engine into the 2010 Camaro!

Spotted on Autoblog.

-Mike Garrett



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a camaro zr1, thats something i'd like to see. this cars is b.a.


It might be fast (in a straight line) but it looks like it belongs in the 80's.


why is it that my rss reader (google reader) has been telling me, for the last week, to click the "Read More" link so i can see the full article and see all the pics ? laaaame .


I think the Mr Norm Challenger and Super-Cuda look better - although thats just in concept sketch form at the moment


i like everything except the hood, it's quite a distraction in terms of visual flow. i'm really digging the amber inner headlights though!


I'll take one in Metallic Burgundy.


Hah, the hood scoop makes it look like it has a big snout. Definitely has to go.


Hey xillentz, I've been having the same issue. I dont mind clicking on the article to bring up the actual page instead of reading it on Google Reader but it takes away from the convenience of Google reader and it takes a litte more time to load.

Nice car to look at in pics and i'm sure that V10 sounds great!


Confederate flag on the roof, orange paint, and 01 on the door. Dukes of Hazzard anyone?


in response to xillentz and alonso p, if you're using Firefox it has built-in RSS support. if you're still using Internet Exploder, time to swtich.... but this isn't the time or place to discuss such matters! :P



Mr Blackmore i agree 100% that the Mr. Norm Challenger looks far better, the bonnet on that particular example is precisely how the SRT-10 should look, and no taller than that


I wonder if these new old cars are going to be worth 4x the price in 40 years from now.


yah they need to release this pretty bad. the challenger now is super boring looking.


TOUGH ! ! , it sort of like slapping your penix on the face of your lover , HARD !


I actually like this more than Mr. Norm Challenger, i think the front looks bolder (not ricer), fits the character of the car


Section09 said:

I wonder if these new old cars are going to be worth 4x the price in 40 years from now.


Try a 1/4X the price. They're nothing like the old cars other than being vaguely similar visually, and they won't be worth any money later because they're not all that rare or important in the world of cars/motorsports.


Dats to pretty yo OMFG!!!