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Thanks to one of my blogging buddies at Alien2nrs who lives in Finland we can see some of the cars that were present during the X-Treme Car Show in Helsinki. The Skyline R32 in the opening picture is his car. It was build by Bee*R in Japan and is one of a few cars outside Japan that wears the original bodykit. The graphics aren't there to please everybody but you gotta make your sponsors proud.

The Event organizer X-Treme is an organization that hosts various car related events in Finland and neighboring countries. The car show in Helsinki is their biggest event and their grand finale of the year. X-Treme also has a drifting competition called the X-Treme Drift Challenge.

The other weekend I went to the 100% tuning show (more on that in another post) in Holland and I noticed there weren't as many American build cars as on this show. It seems that the Nordic people really like cars from the US. The thing I don't like about these shows is that the majority of the cars are there purely for show purposes, yes I know it's a car show. But still I would like to see more track dedicated cars and cars that can be driven on a daily basis.

I have made small selection of the type of cars that were present, for more pictures you can take a look here.

This was one of the American build cars that got my attention. I really haven't got a clue what kind of car this is. Could you guys enlighten me? I can't really pin point why this car has my interest.

I always had a soft spot for the Ford Escort RS Cosworth, the car is powered by the famous Cosworth build YBT engine. It was a 2 liter turbocharged engine with 225bhp, in most cases the engine didn't stay unmodified for long. This clean white example also has the instantly recognizable ‘whale tail' spoiler.

Here is something different, I already saw a modified Toyota Prius during the Tokyo Auto Salon. But now with the rising gas prices they even started to ‘tune' these cars in Europe. This eco friendly car has been build by NUT, it looks like they went all out with paint and filler.

Here we have another American classic, I really like the color.

This Falken sponsored 180SX has seen some drift action in the Prodrift Series and X-Treme Drift Challenge . In Holland there's also a team that is sponsored by Falken they all drive in the same team colors. Falken is working hard to get noticed within the drifting community.

-Jeroen Willemsen




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oh and that looks like a r34 not a r32


that prius was on autoblog. Effin monstrosity


Its such a shame that there are quite a few cheap copies of the Bee*r kit floating around now :( I'm proud to be an owner of an original kit :D


I totally agree with you Bryn, it's a real shame because some people like to believe that some kits are genuine. All the copies I have seen so far are really bad.


Dennis: It's a genuine R32 with R34 front. the B and C pillars will give it away.

It's the Bee*R thing. ;)


that ute looks like a '50s F100


My bad yiso, thanks for the correction =]


that pickup with the trailer is a 48-52 ford f1. pretty popular here in the states.


The brown truck you wanted to know about is a 1949 Ford Bonus pickup. Similar to the 49-51 F100 series but the bonus has the horizontal bar grill at the front. A very nice example, although it looks fairly modified with the bodywork.


Looonie, where are you from? To me I thought the truck was a Ford F1. I've never heard of the Bonus, I'm guessing that's what they called the F1 in export markets.


I love pig-nosed s13s too


Are the Bee*R guys really Korean?


there goes all the gas savings on that prius...dynamics of car, weight, suspension and wheels it was all designed to produce the mileage it saves. It's all down the drain now.


on autoblog.com they had an article (/w vid and pics) about how retarded that scion is zzz


Kevin said: Are the Bee*R guys really Korean?

LOL, dude! The're from Japan. ( http://www.bee-r.com ) Bee*R or Bee Racing.

Cheers Jeroen for putting my ride on the cover :D

The bodykit is built by Bee*R and it's called B324R (R32 to R34 conversion).

More build pics & story here in English: http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/82453-domo-kuns-b324r-gt-r-finland.html

or in Finnish: http://www.alien2nrs.com/blog/labels/bee-r%20gtr.html

About that gold Ford Pick Up '49, more pics here: http://www.alien2nrs.com/hotrod-rockshow_08/index_11.htm

More pics from X-treme Car Show here: http://www.x-treme.fi/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=album187

Ooh, and that white Cossie's owner is friend of mine. It's pushing some serious figures. Super clean track driven daily driver!

Enjoy the pics, Cheers Domo-kun


Dennis said:

oh and that looks like a r34 not a r32