Car Spotlight>> Super Slammed Oldschool Audi

Moving sure isn't fun! Over the past few days, I've been super busy packing all my stuff and transporting it to a new location that I feel would work better for me! That may sound okay, but today it was 101 degrees, and my amigos and I have been working hard all day in extreme temperatures! It tires you out more than you might imagine! Southern Cali sure is hot right now, and if you're from Southern Cali, you know what that means! In Southern California, hot weather means the hot girls come out of the woodwork, and guys spend extra time shining up their cars for a nice night time drive…

Over the past few days, just in the 3 blocks around where I live, I saw soooo many fixed up cars! Nice E46 M3s cruising, two 1964 Impala convertibles, a super clean 1969 Mustang, several ghetto looking Civics, a first generation MR2… Southern Cali really is all about car culture!

Since we've been overloading the site with German and Japan content lately, we thought we'd switch it up a bit to show some love to the Golden State!

Earlier this month, I decided to head out to the Dub Show at Irwindale Speedway with my friend Eugene from Maxim Radio. As we were walking around the show, we noticed this super slammed Audi sitting pretty much on the ground! It required a closer look.

Wow, now THAT is what you call shakotan! (Slammed super low) Aside from the super low ride height, I was admiring the clean details on the car, like the super clean chrome bumpers and garnishes on the hood, fenders, windshield and windows. Not to mention the aluminum "super JDM tite" window visors.

I'll be honest in saying that the wheels on the car would definitely not be my first choice. Or my second, or my third… So of course it doesn't have the super wide wheels and stretched tires that I'm normally so adamant about when it comes to other cars. However, for this time only, I think we should let the Audi slide necause it was in very good condition!

So what if it's automatic… I like the condition of the interior! It looks so clean and retro; I can't help but be impressed by clean OEM interiors on older cars. I suppose that's because I myself am an old car collector as well!

Finally walking around to check out the back of the car, it appears it is an Audi 100LS. Bear with me for my inadequate knowledge about European cars such as this one; if I recall correctly, this might have been my first time ever seeing this type of Audi slammed! I'll have to keep a lookout for more Audis in the near future!

Socal month on Speedhunters, here we come!

-Antonio Alvendia



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the owner needs to get some of the original European bumpers :) They look so much better than those.US jobbies. Tidy car


i didnt know the difference, but makes sense... us bumpers on all cars pretty much suck


Needs better offset


damn, dont see many old audi's. Looks great.


That plate frame is University Audi which is a dealer here in Seattle! I wonder...

Great condition car.


I disagree about the wheels, OEM is where it's at sometimes, and this is one of those times... lol.

As much as I love to see Work wheels on as many cars as possible, we must agree that there are times when JDM just doesn't work, for example euro classics.

i really like the way this car looks, and the reason it looks so nice is precisely because it has been left (relatively) alone :)

Just to make sure my point is clear (lol) i am a very big fan of a perfectly stock car, on perfectly stock wheels (or perhaps something quite mild and old-school, SSR MkII might be interesting) and slammed as low as it can be. What can i say though, i'm a european car fan first and fore-most, it's what i know best haha


ahh I was joking :>.... just making fun of Antonio as that generally is the first thing that comes out of his mouth when looking at a car.


california is hot? shsauhsauhsushsuahsaushu so what is Brazil?(were i live now)

about the car, it is sweet!

ps:eruobumpers rules! and this guy need some of it...


doh, i was successfully trolled in that case, good one Rod ;D


It would be nice if it was fitted with some nice low offset BBS RS wheels


Whoa, I used to own this car. I sold it about 8 months ago with the impending arrival of my newborn. Cosmetically it was in great shape, but I'm not much of a mechanic so aside from routine maintenance it got neglected. John, the car was purchased new in NY by my uncle, he gave it to his sister as a wedding gift in the late 80s, and she gave it to me when she got tired of taking care of it. So it didn't come from Seattle :).


Here is the same car in Reno in 2016. I still have the original wheels, but the wheels on it now are BBS "catalog" wheel Available from Audi dealers in the early 90's.