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A couple of days ago I got a tip from one our readers who lives in the UK. He gave me a link and the only thing he said was “I know you will like this”. When I pressed the link, I got confronted with the car you see before you and I was blown away. This car has been in the making for the past three years and it started its life as an ‘ordinay’ Nissan S14A. When I was browsing through the pictures I didn’t recognize the bodykit or any of the other stuff on the car. That’s because everything was handmade from the front down to the rear quarters.

These kind of builds are really inspiring, I hope I will have the time and knowledge to start a project of my own someday. This car has been built in the UK with the intention to create a true track car, it won’t see any public roads (unfortunately I may add!). Let’s have a closer look at this amazing car.

The first thing that caught my eye was the paint job, the matte black together with red looks really refreshing. The other eye catching part is the entire bodykit. The front bumper was made using kingspan foam for the bulk and filler to create the shape, this was also used to mold the other parts on the car like the fenders, rear quarters and sideskirts.. I’m no expert on this subject so for more info and pictures I suggest you take a look at the owner’s topic on SXOC.

One thing I did want to mention was that the splitter isn’t attached to the bumper but it has been fixed to the chassis. The owner says “This way, any downforce will be transmitted to the chassis and not just used to flex the bodywork”. I will never look at a splitter the same way again, it seems that I have a lot to learn about aerodynamics.

Before you ask, where is the window? The owner fitted the window after he took the photo’s, it sits on some sort of foam and is fastened with little ally tags. This way the window is easy removable and is less likely to crack under stress.

You can clearly see how much wider the rear quarters have become. The rear looks even more impressive with the removed boot floor, he even shaved some of the rear quarters. The entire floorplan has been smoothed for better airflow. Maybe you wonder where the exhaust is? It exists in the left rear quarter just in front of the rear wheel.

Talking about the wheels, they are a set of Volk TE37 painted black in 10.5 et15 with Toyo r888 295 in the rear and 9.5 et 12, r888 265 in the front. The rear wing is made by C-West but the owner modified the mounts to get the wing higher, he also fixed the mounts to the chassis and not to the boot lid. Proper.

This looks more like a S15 GT car build by Nismo than a car that was built by a individual in his garage at home. There is so much these pictures doesn’t show you, believe me.

I just want to sit in this all day haha. The rollcage is the first thing that makes a lasting impression, it’s a fully triangulated cage, including suspension points made from 45mm tubing. The rest of the interior is fully stripped from all its luxuries. The only luxury you can still find are the two Corbeau carbon seats. To Sabelt 6-point harness is there to keep you strapped in.

A minimum of switches was used because there isn’t much to switch on or off. All the switches and the Stack unit with lap timing and action replay are mounted in a lightweight custom dash. The custom switch on the steering wheels is used to change the display layers on the Stack unit.

The mandatory fuel cell from ATL can hold up to 40 liter, there’s also an ATL swirl pot and a Bosch high pressure pump to ensure that all the fuel  goes to the front. The filler cap has been build into the boot lid. There’s just so much attention to detail.

Then there’s the engine of course, I almost forgot about that. It’s a standard SR20 with a GT2871r turbo and Tomei procams. The money was running low so the owner decided he would tackle the engine another time. For now he just wants to get some track time and see what the car can do. After three years hard work, he deserved it.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Thanks to Alex Quail for sending me in the right direction, check out his blog if you have the time



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cool,but i dont like the back part because it looks like a stock car if they detach those spoilers.


what century is this car from?


The back looks like a stock car? Christ, what part of the world do you live in... and what edition of 200sx S14a did they release?

As for the century, i believe it's the century where people with talent put time and effort into building incredible cars, and people without make sly comments on the internet... seeing as everyone's an expert and all that jazz.

Back on topic, incredible car - such a comprehensive build, where the heck do you begin with such a car? Awesome.


Sweet car. Also says low oil pressure


I believe the person meant ... STOCK car. As in "Stock Car Racing" ... Not stock as in OEM.


WOW. On a scale of 1-BONKERS... this is off the charts.

So sick!


P.S. I need a fuel cell that says "ATL".



SOOO sikk....


The bodywork and cage on this car are awesome. I love it! It looks a lot more like a JGTC car than a stock car. Keep up the good work!


Awesome build indeed.... questionable choice of coilovers and brakes given the level/quality of the other components on the car though.


Wow. That has to be the MEANEST looking S14 I've seen in a while. I'd love to see that thing in action.


Thats just all business right there.

Front end looks a bit inspired by Garage Kagotani.


Sweeet !!!!


Hey Jeroen, good find !!!!! The car is off the hook. I have no other words to describe it.

It's a tie between Dentsport's 240SX Maxi and this. Function over form ALL the way !


thats a bitchin build and the fact that this car was built mainly out of a garage. major props!


the rear needs like an insane air diffuser to compliment the rest of the cars styling.

this shit is fkn PRO!


R.E.S.P.E.C.T! ;)


In a way it reminds me the red R34 Skyline built by Garage Ito and Pro Stock Racing. Top notch everything.

When you have harmonic-looking pedals, you know it means business....


Agreed with Tom, this car seriously needs a rear air diffuser to compliment that plain looking rear. Hmm I prefer the front to be in an original S14 then S15, but this one looks nice.


The car does have a rear diffuser.

If you read the 11 pages of the buildup process you'd see it. The thing is, if the diffuser is too big, it doesn't do any good to the car's aerodynamic.


After I promised you guys to make a car feature of the Denstsport 240RS, here it is. I have been in contact


This ride looks sweet! The rear does look plain in comparison to the front, though.


Given what i seen in the motor it should make high 300's ....

maybe break 400 wheel...

and when you biuld a car like this ....power is something that should be experianced progressivly....

And like you said ... the owner deserves to drive.... nice build...


send me an email.....i was wondering can u do that to my car i will pay u a good amount of cash please let me know as soon as posible i am sponserd and want to get u in a am drifter and time attack so cantact me asap!!!!!!!u will be living the high life makin over 15k a month!!!!


its adrian i have a profile now but send me an email


That's so F**king sick. INCREDIBLE !!!!!


Here we go for round 2 on January 4th: the world's top S14s as selected by you.