Random Snap>> Chameleon S14

This car has seen so many transformations, I don't even remember how it first started. The car belongs to Mark Arcenal who has designed our Speedhunter logo. I saw the car floating on all the blogs and forums after Mark decided to paint the car ‘battleship gray' with a satin clear coat. Before that the car was green and now it is like you see in the picture, white.

Wheels are also subject to change and it seems that with every new color comes a new set of wheels. The wheels you see are a set of Prodrive 18"x10.5 with a +22 offset, Mark still needed 10mm spacers to make them fit properly. The wheels he had before where a set of AME Tracers.

I really liked the battleship grey paint with the black Tracers, but after a slight accident during the Motoring J Style event I guess it was time for something different. I wonder what Mark has in store for us in the future.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Mark Arcenal Blog



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and it was white before it was green.

When is the last time I saw Mark?

Who knows?????


Why spacers? just put some sheels on it with more offset.


Prodrive wheels are not cheap and I am sure he got a deal on them and to fit the car put spacers on. With multipiece wheels you can change the shells to create a different offset but even so, that costs at least $1400. But those are 1 piece wheels so once they are cast/forged thats how they stay. I have some RS-8's I am waiting to reshell to go from 16x8 to 17x10 and changing the offset from +22 to +5.


Prodrives have weird offsets, that's probably why he used spacers.

I was so bummed when I saw the car when it still was grey got damaged.


Yeah, I checked and those wheels only come in +22 and +36 offsets


lol it needs 20mm up front and 30-40mm in the rear with some slight camber.


funny you posted this Jeroen, I was just at Mark's parents' house the other day; this s14 looked super mean sitting in the garage. very low!