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OK so maybe all of the exact drivers have not been determined yet, but the slots on the roster for the first ever Red Bull Drifting World Championship have been announced. The event will be held on November 15th and 16th in Long Beach, CA and will include 32 drivers from 12 different countries and all of the major drift series around the world. The top 16 drivers from this year's Formula D standings will be invited and obviously those drivers won't be determined for sure until after the close of the season. The same goes for the other series which will be sending their current champions to the event.

Here is the current list, starting with the Formula D Top 16 as of Rd. 5.

1. Sam Hubinette

2. Tanner Foust

3. Daijiro Yoshihara

4. Rhys Millen

5. Chris Forsberg

6. Michihiro Takatori

7. Ryan Tuerck

8. Darren McNamara

9. Conrad Grunewald

10. Robbie Nishida

11. Ryuji Miki

12. Vaughn Gittin Jr.

13. Stephan Verdier

14. Ken Gushi

15. Kyle Mohan

16. Kazu Hayashida

17. 2008 D1 New Zealand Champion

18. 2008 DMCC Champion (Canada)

19. Drift Australia 2008 Champion

20. Drift Australia 2008 Runner Up

21. 2008 EDC Champion (UK/Europe)

22. Tengku Djan (FD Singapore Podium)

23. Mad Mike Whiddett (FD Singapore Podium)

24. 2008 Pro Drift Champion (Europe/Ireland)

25. 2008 Pro Drift Runner Up (Europe/Ireland)

26. Fredric Asabo (Nordic Drift Championship/Norway)

27. Past D1GP Champion (Japan)

28. Past D1GP Champion (Japan)

29. Past D1GP Champion (Japan)

30. Past D1GP Champion (Japan)

31. Past D1GP Champion (Japan)

32. 2008 D1GP Champion

So there you have it.

I am interested to see which D1 champions will make it to the event. I'm guessing Kumakubo for sure, Kawabata, Imamura, (Miki will already be there). It would be great to see Kazama in action again as well as Taniguchi or even Ueo.

Time will tell and I can't wait to see what happens in November.

Formula Drift

-Mike Garrett



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Too bad I don't see the KOE 2008 winner mentioned in the list... :(

Good to see the Darren McNamara in that list. :)


crossing fingers for kazama, taniguchi, and ueo as well!


But the champions of the d1gp are Ueo Kazama Taniguchi MikyKawabata and Imamura.

But too much people from USA is like they vs The World... I don't like the idea..


Sigh. No Vlasblom, Nor Remmo...................................


Why does Prodrift get a runner up and not EDC, they're at the same competition level?


I will purchasing tickets to this as who in their right mind could not attend when Kumakubo will be battling the likes of Hubinette and Millen? I hope Japan can hold it down as the kings honestly because that's where drifting is and needs to be.


i like the idea, ive agree with DaanNL's comment

those two should be there too


Aasbo not asabo :p


Cancel that, lol, didn't count that one.

Anyway, I'm just about on edge about seeing Kazama, Taniguchi, and Ueo.


How can Miki be listed twice?

(Apex'i Formula D RX-7 and D1 2004 Champ?)

Doesn't that make the list 31 c ompetitors?


No love for MSC.


+1 hoping for Kazama and Kawabata! Goodluck T.Djan!


USA is way too strongly represented and continental europe got the shaft. I had such high hopes for this too :/


Perhaps this will turn into a world stage for drifting, as are the Olympics for sports. The "host country" will have more participants?


I wish Justin Pawlak made it in. I know lots of people won't have the privilege of seeing their favorite driver go and duke it out with everyone, but I really feel like a list of formula d winners would make a better list than the top points earners. Taking the top 16 seems a little excessive to me as well, but it's easy to criticize when you're not paying for or organizing logistics.


Kinda lame!! They need to divide this competition equally!! My opinion does'nt really matter I guess but I hope the judges are not all from FD:(


I actually find it quite weird that only 1 EDC driver (bonbon) and no MSC people will participate. I thought these 3 organisations had a cooperation together, I remember brett castle and tanner faust going to japan last year to a MSC event because of that


mad mike will come close to taking it out, europe wouldn't have had a short


I agree, i think theres too many american drivers, fair enough say 10 or so but 16 is a bit too much. Why not the top 5 from this years D1GP? On another note mad mikes car is insane hopefully he has the skills to get far. Also be watching out for Leighton Fine and Luke Fink from the Drift Australia series, they are currently 1st and 2nd and look to have taken the spots. Insane drivers and definately ones to watch out for!