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I have been thinking about MSC a lot as I prepare for my trip to this weekend's MSC match at Nikko Circuit and I wanted to share some more photos of this crazy-looking C33 Nissan Laurel that we spotted at last month's MSC event at Honjo Circuit. Drift car style ranges from the subtle to the mildly aggressive, to the not so mildly aggressive. This particular C33 falls under the third category for sure. We are no strangers to discussion about wheel fitment here,and this car is sporting some of the most aggressive fitment I have seen on any car anywhere.

Besides the insane wheel fitment, this Laurel is also equipped with a full Final Konnexion aero kit with customer fender flares and a gigantic GT angled wing that makes this thing look like a lifesize radio control car. Regardless of whether or not you like this over the top style, the work done on this car was very high quality and there was obviously tons of hard work put into it. The caricature-like looks are also backed up with very aggressive driving style and this car made it deep into the elimination rounds at MSC Honjo.

Now take a look at the photos and let me know what you think? A work of art or just too much?

Personally, I dig it.

-Mike Garrett



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forget that GT wing if it was a little smaller it would look acceptable but it just overtakes the look of the whole car. I could personally do without the silver sparkle vinyl too


ART! alot of the drift cars these days are just numb. this one's cool and refreshing. an oil cooler hung on the front bumper wouldnt look bad either.


Could you try snapping some shots of any Nissan Z31's? I know they arent as popular as thier little brother(s13) or older brother(s130) but if you could, that would be awesome!!!


Sick wheel/stance, car itself is kinda meh


Too much (way).


finally someone posts up a C33! As probably the owner of the only c33 laurel in Cali its nice to see some coverage here. It certainly helps generate ideas for what to do with this project of mine... although I would likely never go this insane (esp. the GT wing), I like the basic aero kit and color scheme. The wheel fitment is off the chain! I never thought flares would look that good on a boxy car but it somehow works!



You have a C33 in the US! Is it legal to drive it on the street?


needs a koguchi wing or no wing. other than that its all good. Drift cars need to be flashy. Its all about looking cool otherwise you might as well go grip drive.


get rid of the silly wing and the tribal graphics, and it would be awesome :)


I think its awesome, the insane styling goes well with this sort of car. I mean nobody wants to see stuff like this on a sleek looking newer year car but when you put it on something small and light like this or an S13, it just makes it an insane car! One second your looking at it and you go "man that is way over the top," but then the next second its 80 degrees sideways and your reaction is more like "WHOA!!!"


Yeah... is a big gt wing...

but really rulz.


Absolutely love it :D


Correction: Prodrive GC-010G wheels only come in +22 and +36 offsets


Sorry, that post was supposed to be for the S14 blog under this one.


lose the wing.. cars rad


The rear doors don't open, haha, awesome.


"F3INT((AP3X said: but when you put it on something small and light like this"

C33 is not what i call "small and light"


that is nice as i would love that thing to be parked in my garage


As with everyone else commenting on this one, the car is wonderful except for the large wing. i love sedans, and i love high-negative offset rims (disshhhhh) but the wing is a fly in the ointment. spoilerless or perhaps something more conservative like the TRD-style trunkspoiler for an AE86, something which is still part of the car and not exactly a park bench, eh? :)


What year is that..hope its 15+??? looking to sell my R32 GT-R and plan on picking up a 4 door either this or a Mark II.


Warren said:

C33 is not what i call "small and light"

Well from what I can see it has no back seat and who knows what other weight saving parts/techniques it has; maybe if we need facts on a PRODUCTION C33 we'll hit you up.



no its not currently legal to drive, as it was never offered as a car for sale in the US. So for all intensive pruposes, it is to be used at track events and occasional local shows. I could find a way to get it a special limited use plate but it is a big hassle here in Cali... so for now it can be off the road until I can work that part out

...oh and the C33 isn't exactly "heavy" either, as it is considered a midsize car without heavy amenities like B-pillar or heavy reinforcements


Remove the silver flames and were in business.....I love the angled non-shopping cart style wing.