Car Builder>>rauh Welt defines as warrior as follows:

1: a person engaged or experienced in warfare; soldier.

2: a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics.

Definition number one is a relatively straight description of a soldier, but definition number two more points to the character of the warrior.

Occasionally I'll meet people who very much have this feeling of warriorism about them, even though acts of soldiering may be the last thing on their minds. I'd say these people tend to be more on the serious of side and have little time for anything or anyone that is outside of their chosen focal point. They usually have razor sharp viewpoints, with a no nonsense approach to life.

Athletes often have this modus operandi, as do many professional racing drivers. The same goes for the person that is behind the custom Porsches we are coming to know as Rauh Welt: Nakai-sa. He is a warrior: through and through. A person whose simply put, is all edge. Perhaps you also can get this feeling from his cars no?

So a few weeks back we got a chance to visit his base camp: the Rauh Welt shop!

Arriving at the corregated iron building we were greeted by a range of 930 chassis in various states of disassembly. A few looked like on-going projects, while others looked like they were waiting for a new lease of life as race track weapons.

These bare chassis were contrasted by a customer RWB car sitting opposite. This machine about to go under the knife to be fully transformed into a track machine. It's currently built to be more a street style car, with an automatic transmission hampering it's performance potential. The owner, though, wants to participate in more Rauh Welt track activities, hence the coming upgrades.

Note the drinks machine behind the car. No self-respecting Japanese car shop would be complete without them!

Entering the building we were greeted by these two amazing 911s. Was a bit of a moment to be standing there faced with these two cars… machines that Mike Garrett has first shown to the western world on his Auto Otaku blog. These are probably two of my favourite street cars going right now.

Rauh Welt pool table anyone? Looking around the space we marvelled the memorabilia filling the lounge area. It was a real mix of American, European and Japanese iconography. Check the display of Stella Artois bear bottles in the window. Now we know why this logo appears on Nakai-san's personal 930… it's his favourite beer!

I like the retro looking red and white helmet….

Eventually the man himself appeared… and we introduced ourselves and explained a bit about the Speedhunters project to him. He listened intently to credentials, nodded and started to set up the different Porsches for Mike and Antonio to shoot. A man of few words… definitely my style of human hahaha.

While Antonio and Mike started to click away with their cameras I was able to spend a bit of time chatting with Nakai-san with the help of Kaori, Mike's Japanese wife. Luckily for me I know a reasonable amount about Porsches, enough to maintain a conversation with a specialist anyway. I shared the story of our meetings with the famed Porsche engineer, Norbert Singer and the Porsche RSR Turbo, which seemed to show some level of credibility…. maybe…

On an aside… it's interesting to work a situation with a person that does not operate by the same set of rules as a typical westerner. Normal expressions of "North American" friendliness do not work in these scenarios!

On the left is a 930 customer car which has had a rough time at the track this year… on the right is a new 964 project nearing completion. Although most of the main Rauh Welt cars are N/A (naturally aspirated), this is a turbo car, running in excess of 700bhp. 

This is pure battle machine style, no? The car received some heavy damage to its rear quarter and has been patched together for the remainder of the racing season. Strange perhaps, to see zip ties all over a Porsche, but then again Nakai-san was the man who started the use of zip ties on drift cars…. Anyway Antonio will talk about the man and his contributions to drifting culture in a later Speedhunters posting this month.

This silver car is also another work in progress turbo project. I'm sure we'll be seeing these cars blasting around Tsukuba in the not too distant future.

You can also see a portable spraybooth which can be extended to cover the car.

Off to the side was this very special new 996 based project; the first time that Rauh Welt has worked with such a modern chassis. This car started life as a Carrera Cup race car, which Nakai-san is converting to be a street-track car. That's right folks, a race car that will be registered for Japanese street use. Sounds cool! The car will be receiving the full Rauh Welt visual styling and will be finished in satin black. I can't wait to see how this car turns out…. apparently it will be ready before the end of the year.

RWB Mercedes anyone? This is Nakai-san's personal daily driver.

While we chatted away about the Rauh Welt feeling, Mike was busy taking pictures of a few of the key RWB cars for future in depth car features.

Antonio also spent some time chatting with Nakai-san about his background with Rough World, and the genesis of drifting car style. He also shot this Rauh Welt AE86 inside and out. Look out for a car feature coming soon.

Interestingly, the whole flat black paint that appears on a lot of the
Rauh Welt cars comes directly from the American Rat Rod scene.
Nakai-san mentioned he saw some Rat Rods in the Japanese Daytona
magazine and used this influence for his cars. He's a big fan of
american hot rodding, especially the new-school rod scene. In his mind this is superior to Japanese style. He loves how you'll see a partially completed Kustom or Rod being driven on the street. For him this is true style.

He explained to us, that he deliberately didn't clean any of the Porsches for our photography sessions. In his view, a dirtied and distressed car from track use is a car in it's natural form. Show cars are of no interest.

We ended the day doing some street photography with Nakai-san's personal 930. There really is nothing that I can compare seeing this car creeping down the street to…. look at that omnous presence!… Words cannot do this image justice so I'll end the story here…

Thanks to Antonio for his tireless efforts to arrange this amazing shop visit…. He'll be giving you an in detail look at his own experiences meeting Nakai-san soon….


Rauh Welt Stories on Speedhunters



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Shit. Full of awesomeness in one blog.


I'd like to understand more about what RWB actually brings to the table. Has this man's Porsche-specific efforts done anything other than produce bad-ass LOOKING ones? Seems like a body shop so far.


I remember drinking some Stella Artois with our new found friend Patrick in the town of Ster with the 'mayor' haha,


my jaw is on the floor...

lets see some wallpapers!


And nakai-san personnal porsche is left hand drive


Left hand drive cars in Japan are considered as a status symbol


moooooooore! :D


Damn. Nice! Love this post. But, where the hell is the Rauh-Welt S15?


You people really bring the best coverage. I rellay love RAUH Welt and i've been curious from the beginning what their garage looks like and what their current projects are. :P

Its also interesting to see a flat black merc as a daily driver. :-D its so bad ass. more bad ass than what the japanese baddies use.

this coverage is just EPIC!!



jblaine a good indicator of what RWB brings to the table is the fact that Nakai-san's personal 930 has lapped Tsukuba as fast at a 58 second lap... and this is only with 360bhp. They produce many parts of these cars: custom suspension, coil overs, bodiwork, exhaust etc... best to wait for Mike's articles about these cars to come up though :>


"...a dirtied and distressed car from track use is a car in it's natural form."

Never a statement made more true.

So awesome.


awesome write up, i love that last picture


awesome write up, i love that last picture


So if i were to visit Japan, who would show me all these cool shops? :D


Mine eyes have seen the glory... great job again guys!


Nice write (and read (Y);) )

(Zip-ties, one of man's friend (best est would be duck tape and wd40))


awesome any plans for a more in depth interview with Nakai-San? still a bad ass article here with all the eye candy. That Cup car is going to be sick.


I have seen the top of the mountain....and it is good.


Geez... the RWB Porsches are so tough looking. It's always nice to see these cars are being driven and not babied.

Seriously though, from seeing all the fantastic RWB coverage on Speedhunters, it's re-sparked my interest in Porsches to the point that now I'm looking around for one to buy.

Go figure.


Wow, even Nakai-san looks badass! It's amazing; I'd always thought RWB is one modern and futuristic facility, imagine my shock and awe when I saw that it's a corrugated metal building!! Great last pic, looks so ominous!


Awesome job Lads! I've been waiting on a story like this from the instant I saw Mike's first coverage of a RWB vehicle! Did you guys get any video footage of the workshop/interview? That would be topping the cherry in my opinion! Well done again and keep up the fantastic work!


im not usually much of a euro fan but those cars are just off the hook!!!


you know after seeing this photo and it flash on my mind that

the black matte 930 is more or less lookalike with the Black Bird from Midnight manga..

which is fast as hell of course.

thanks mike and antonio for this articlem

btw could you guys cover the story of jap street race team ''Mid-night''

im so curios abt they got coverage in Times Asian mag a decade ago..

thanks dude


I agree with Hojitsu, a video--footage-interview would have kicked ass. Rod, next time....:-)

Very nice write up.


RWB ftw!!! can't wait to see Antonio's write-up!!!


I'm in love with Porsche again. This article is probably the best article to date and to me. Goodjob!


Yay! Thanks for the awesome insight guys!


I always knew Porsches would come back strong... I just hate seeing them as poser cars most of the times...

anyway, great report again guys, keep 'em coming! ;)


All I can say is wow. I would have never known about RAUH WELT had it not been for Auto-Otaku. Can you believe the first RAUH WELT cars I've ever seen was that S15 that was floating around a while back. I think its a gold looking color now tho.

So what does RAUH WELT mean anyway? and what does RWB stand for?

That last pic! OMG!!! Have you guys ever watched WANGAN MIDNIGHT!? This look like Blackbird!!


Rauh Welt is German for "Rough World", the drift crew that Nakai san was part of.... let me check on the B in RWB


Top notch coverage as usual guys - Rod/Antonio, you are lucky guys to get to see all these great things in the car world we all love

RWB stands for Rauh Welt Begriff - basically Rough World Concept. BEgriff literally translated means understood, but it's a bit in depth - basically a synonym for conceptualized


Nakai-san makes such beautiful uncompromising cars. Another person who’s mind seems to be out there when interviewed is Koguchi, and style-wise his 180SX really ahead. Do you think you guys could visit/interview Yokomaku Hiranao (Veilside)? Thanks for the great article.


@ Section09 and Rod; The B stands for Begriff what translates to Understanding

so then you get a Rough World Understanding ;)


what I recall Nakai-san saying was that it stands for "concept"... I just wanted to check the RWB business card to see if it had a translation on it but it doesn't.


Concept sounds like it makes more sense. Damn cool name.


Thanks. Gives me more inspiration for my 964 build.


What were the offsets used for the RWB 911's?

Just out of curiosity~


Awesome, awesome coverage on Rauh Welt. I always wanted to know more about them. Hope to hear more stories about them.....


One of the things I enjoy everyday is searching for cool car features on the internet. I come across


One of the things I enjoy everyday is searching for cool car features on the internet. I come across


I'm always looking for an excuse to post any car that's undergone the RWB treatment. So when


I'm always looking for an excuse to post any car that's undergone the RWB treatment. So when


I'm always looking for an excuse to post any car that's undergone the RWB treatment. So when


It's been close to three years already since Speedhunters took their first look inside Rauh-Welt