With most people’s attention focused on the rivalry between the Corvette and the GT-R over which can lap the Nurburgring faster, it kind of comes as a surprise to see Chrysler jumping right into it with the new Viper ACR. According to Motor Trend, the ACR has lapped the track in a record braking 7:22.1. As expected, the barely-street legal ACR is certainly not the most refined car around, but the sheer brutality seen in the video makes even the Corvette ZR1 look cushy. Nothing high tech, just the spectacle of man harnessing brute power to do battle with the most challenging race track in the world.

Source: Motor Trend

-Mike Garrett



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Another round in the comical Manufacturer's Ring Time Attack.

So silly.


Das überfeil.


Put things in perspective here. ACR comes with Pilot Cup tires, ZR1 runs PS2. ACR comes with adjustable suspensions, which dodge took adv of during R&T "ultimate track test", which a factory mechanic changed suspension settings for every individual events. ZR1 and GTR are true street cars, I am not very impressed by this ACR's performance given that it's a all out purposeful track car. Although gotta admit, this is an unofficial video, things may be better with different gear ratio (in between gears alot, driver is bouncing the 2nd gear).

I don't think ZR1 besting GTR was silly, wasn't an easy thing to do. But I do find this one fairly meaningless.