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One of the nicest looking D1GP cars besides the ER34 from ‘Nomuken' is the FD RX7 build by R Magic, at least that's how I feel. The car is driven by Kenji Takayama, it's not a real top contender, yet I must add. It has all the potential but it just doesn't get past the top 16.

The car is running a T51R turbo from HKS which gives it 579ps. Wheels are the new Gram Lights 57D in 9J-17" in the front  and 9.5J-18"in the back wrapped in Advan Neova's.

What is your favorite D1 car in the 2008 season?

-Jeroen Willemsen

Found on Risky Devil, original source Kenji Takayama



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Definately the Toyota Zero crown.


Favorite car will be AP-Boss S15 driven by Youichi Imamura. The bodykit on this FD looks really good. A question, why do rotaries always have huge turbos? It's always like the T04Zs, T51Rs, T88s and T78s. Why do they ditch the sequential twin-turbochargers? I've driven RX-7s and turbo lag is very present.


super dope car and dope photo!! jeroen, your head would explode over here in japan. you'd love it so much! wish you could come out here too!



i mean i love kenji he's a great friend and i rode w/ him many times but this list is WACK im sorry.

HEre's my list and im serious becuse these cars INFLUENCE the cars we have now imo.

in no order because i didnt take THAT much time.

ueo ae86 before the big sponsors. even when it was black and privateer it was nuts

haruguchi fc3s. seriously. big wing CRAZY angle. that was unknown in 01/02

taniguchi s15...was yellow went red. pre BIG HKS setup.

kazama/boss s15. red and then blue. awesome car. brought him way up in D1GP

suenaga FD3s. RE built car. amazing sound and driving speed by suenaga

saito daigo jzx100 markII. there's so few 4 doors (takahashi chaser...meh) that rule. this one rules.

nomura ER34. seriously.

kumakubo subaru. amazing work of art. full race car for drifting

koguchi 180sx. need there be mroe? greatest 180 built ever.same car FOR YEARS.

akinori utsumi ....privateer status. onevia OG. awesome crashes. NIGHT ZONE

anyways thats my list of top 10

all usa drivers were pretty much influenced by one of those cars. im sure some wouldnt agree but they be lying to themselves. or have too big an ego to admit it.

dont anyone bring up that signal auto DRIFTER X crap. car isnt that great. drivng is ok. great if u do a USA top 10 but not crs that influence the world top 10. not anywhere near that kind of list. influenced american fan boys. and still does...read 240sx forums..amazing.




sorry posted wrong place

btw i love this car. havent had a chance in erson yet. just kenji's old FC

car rips though he said. he loves it


Has to be Tokita's crown. What a beastly pimp


hibino's sr powered ae86


Nomuken's ER34 (original...). Then, Tokita's Soarer. Yes, i know it doesn't run it anymore, but what a wonderful car !!! I love the Tezuka' R32 too.

(i'm not sure about my english, i'm french. Sorry)


The GRS180 Zero crown.


Few years ago the R-Magic were little known....then after their FD marked a 55 sec at Tsukuba, they became big. Great cars come out from R-Magic.


what happened to his Team Orange/ Mac sports Fc3s?

plus anyone have any pics of it. it would be greatly appricated