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I'm sure everyone has been noticing our extensive Japan-focused drifting posts over the past days. In fact, we just got back from spending some time with another drifting legend who I'm sure you guys will be VERY happy to see here. For this post though, I am keeping with the Japan theme but stepping away from the drifting for a moment.  When we were at the MSC event this weekend, there was a nicely-built S13 Silvia running the course, and Rod made an interesting comment to me. He said that although in comparison to other MSC cars at the event this S13 was fairly unremarkable, if he were to see the same car driving down the street back in Vancouver, he would break his neck trying to get a look at it. That's what brings me to the photo of this RX7 circuit car.

When Rod was talking about the S13 at MSC, he was not trying to put down the car, but was speaking more on just how amazing it can be to experience Japanese car culture first hand. As I thought about this, I couldn't help but thinking about all the incredible cars I have seen at Tsukuba Circuit. Take a look at the FD in the photo. If this car was found anywhere but Japan, it would be a super well known car. One that would could probably be found on the cover of a tuning magazine or in an ad for car parts. At Tsukuba however, it is just another car. In fact I know of at least a handful of FD's that look very similar to this car and can be found at Tsukuba on any given track day.

Again, I am not saying that this FD is not cool or impressive, but more speaking on just how awesome visiting Japan can be for someone with an interest in cars. I guess at times I can forget how lucky I am to be able to take in this sort of thing in on a regular basis. Like Rod mentioned in one of his earlier posts, anyone who is an enthusiast of Japanese car culture should do whatever they can to make the trip out here to experience it first hand at least once. Start saving for those plane tickets and just be warned that you might not want to leave when it comes time to go home.

-Mike Garrett



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exactly. no doubt!


save money for tickets and living expenses for the time you are there or live off of ramen noodles your whole visit =\ ::sigh:: i've gone once when i was younger and i'm not sure when i will be able to return...i would kill to go back there and experience what you guys are experiencing! good job on the articles and photos i am very jealous!


experienced the same sort of thing @ japfest castle combe 2007 with tonnes of amazing tuned cars parked up and blatting around the circuit


Japan is one of the places I have my list to visit someday for that very reason. It reminds me of my trip to Speed Week on the Salt Flats. It's like the worlds coolest Hot Rod Car Show in the pits, these old guys driving their old roadsters, coupes, customs, motorcycles around the 2 mile long stretch of pit road. Amazing!


I said the same thing about strip clubs, exactly.You have to be there to get used to it, and enjoy it. Yet, "I don't love them hoe's", but I would like a lap dance from that FD any day. "Cant make a hoe a housewife", but you sure can get married to the track, and end up living in Japan, that's a solid relationship.