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When the R34 Skyline chassis was replaced with the all new V35 chassis near the beginning of the decade, it marked a dramatic change in the Skyline lineage. Gone were the turbocharged inline six engines of the past, and in its place was Nissan's new VQ series V6 engines. Although the newer Skylines have sold fairly well in Japan, they still haven't reached the popularity of the older models as far as tuning goes.To be honest, I haven't really learned to love the V35 coupes, but I am quite fond of the sedans.

That is why I was so excited to hear that G-Corporation had built a demo car out of a V35 Skyline Sedan. When looking at the outside of the car, the first thing that grabs you is the gleaming blue paint which as far as I know is not a factory color. Next up, you see the aggressively fitted 20" Work Varianza's with widths of 9.5J in the front and 10J in the rear as well as the low stance achevied with a set of Racing Gear coilovers. It is also interesting to note that as far as the body goes, the car is totally stock. No aero kits here.

Power-wise, the car's VQ has been equipped with a Trust turbo set-up that makes 400ps on a mild tune. Although it looks like a show car, it also sees occasional drift action at Mobara Circuit in G-Corp's home area of Chiba Prefecture. I just love the overall balance that this car has. It's not a VIP car and it's not an all out drift car, but it manages to combine elements of both while at the same time showing the potential of a platform that is not commonly done by tuners.


-Mike Garrett



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definitely a cool car. I saw pics of it drifting in OPTION mag once.

There should be more of these in the drift circuit!


I'm a big fan of the V-serie's skyline's. And don't worry people will start drifting them in a few years. Because S15's and JZX's ain't getting any younger.


Any more pics of this beauty???


more pics!