Random Snap>> Fc Making A Comeback?

Speaking about perfect fitment? This proves that the ‘older’ FC RX7 is not dead yet. I even see a comeback, the second generation RX7 is becoming more and more popular amongst us tuners.  Even the famous Drift Samurai made a reappearance with his yellow FC at the recent D1GP Tokyo Drift event that Mike featured.

The car pictured above has the all new AME FS-01’s in Sapphire Black with 18×9 +25 in the front and 18×10 +25 in the back. The fitment is just perfect. The picture was found on one of my friends blogs at Risky Devil, go check it out.

-Jeroen Willemsen

AME Wheels



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FC3S curves and lines will never go out of style.


When exactly did it go out of style?

It's been as popular here in brisbane/australia with drift/track/drag as the silvia's, skylines, supras, etc imports.

I see at least 1 a day driving to/from work! Infact we also get a few of them dropping in to our local fornightly nissansilvia (brisbane) meet-ups. Always a pleasure to see them and hear the WAAP WAAP of lumpy rotors!

btw, that is perfect wheel-guard fitment, makes me uber jealous!


Talk about Hella Flush! I always thought the FC RX7 was popular. Just not as much as the FD chassis.

The FD overshadows it a bit. The FC has a very "classic" 80's/90's look and style to it. The hatch is very similar to a 3rd generation Camaro also. I absolutely love FC's, S13's and Starions/Conquests. They all have that similar shape to them. Well, maybe not the S13 so much :)


Makes me want to trade in my 240 sx.Inspirational set up.


FC's will always have a permanent place in my heart. It was my first car back in 99 and will be the only car I drive 4 life. FC3S Supreme Style : )


I <3 FCs! Even though I'm an 86 guy. Great find Jeroen!


way to go dave (risky devil) - the word is spreading

many more to go


FCs have a lot style. I dont know rotaries but I know good line. Id love to build one up.


Risky Devil!!!

cool were on speedhunters