July Editorial>>facebookification And The Drifting Nation

Antonio maintains that I should really be receiving a commission from
Facebook based on the number of people I have coerced into opening accounts. In
my warped mind it’s a perfect way to enhance the friendships with my pals from
across the planet. I mean how can we really be friends in this high speed infomedia
age without friendship management software? Without it I'm sure many of my relationships
would have drifted apart over the past year from neglect. I mean who has time
to write individually tailored letter-like emails to people now-a-days? The
most I can manage is an updated Facebook status…

BTW speaking of letters which when was the last time you ever received a
proper full handwritten letter from someone?

I remember when I got my first email address in 1994 I was so excited by the
new technology in my life I would spend hours writing long, in depth
letter-like emails to my friends in distant places. These days though you are
lucky if you get more than one sentence from me. My how things have changed
huh? Perhaps this is just symptomatic of me being rather busy keeping
Speedhunters flowing…. day in, day out.

Hey so if you want to join the Speedhunters on Facebook we've just started a
new group: Let's be… err….. friends…. You can find the group here.

So welcome to July! For this month we are going to be finishing up our
exploration of Muscle cars with a few more features in this direction before we
dive even further into the culture of drifting. We'll be cross examining the
various series from around the globe and looking into core elements of drift
car style.

Also look out for some deep coverage of the Goodwood Festival of
Speed, Formula Drift Las Vegas, Battle of the Imports Las Vegas, Super Street
Superlap Battle Willow Springs, MSC Nikko and much, much more.

At the end of the month Antonio and I will be flying out to Germany and
Benelux to meet up with our master sensei photographer John Brooks shoot some
more films, photo features and experience the 24Hours of Spa. I can’t wait to
see the look on Antonio’s face when he sees Eau Rouge for the first time haha!
Am also looking forward to meeting fellow Speedhunter Jeroen AKA Kultivate AKA Jacco for the first time. More about this next month….





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Wow, my car is in that picture.

Maybe I should (sadly) log into facebook and add you guys.



Hey Rod, how about a Flickr group for all the Photographers hanging about here too?


I refer all facebook users to watch this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrlSkU0TFLs





And let's not forget a Yelp group for those of us who like to eat! =) hahah




Facebook and Speedhunter FTW!!