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While looking for information on the Prodrift series a few days ago, I came across this hybrid car. I have heard a lot about the LS2 engine and people wanting  to put into their car, seems like there are many advantages to running a big torque engine…… Personally, I'm not very familiar with the LS2 engine or any other engine derived from it….. All I know is that this engine came out of a Vauxhall Monaro (Vauxhall is part of the GM group and is also called a Opel in other countries) and the car was build in Ireland by Chubby McCord from Hi Octane Imports. But first things first, the car itself, let's have a look:

The standard SR20 leaves plenty of space in the engine bay of a S15. How different does it look now? As you can see, the engine has got some help from eight throttle bodies to help it breath better; I wonder how this animal sounds like when it passes you on full throttle. You American guys should know the sound, but for us Europeans it's still something special, hearing a V8.


I'm always amazed by the graphics that the Irish lads put on their cars. Everybody knows the graphics made by Mana-P on the D1 cars but I really feel that the graphics found on the cars in the Prodrift Series can hold their own. The color of the car works very well with the flashy yellow and pink graphics.

From the rear it looks even more impressive with the huge spoiler. You can also see some pink shining through the paintjob. Very well executed.

The new Work XD9 rims are finding their way on cars in every kind of sport, from Time Attack to full on drift cars. These white ones feature a cool yellow thin line to give it something special. Behind the wheels I see some K-sport calipers and rotors.

The bodykit Is made by BN-Sports and you can find it on almost every S15 out there, but then again it is also one of the best looking si why not…… You can see that the wheels really struggle to get from under the wide rear arches.

The fully stripped interior painted in contrasting blue has a pair of Sparco bucket seats, flocked dashboard (it stops the sun from blinding you), Sparco steering wheel and a built rollcage. The signature green harnesses are off course from Takata. The dashboard also has a custom made display to show the driver all the vitals on one screen.

Is this the way forward in building driftcars? I have heard a lot of rumors from different car builders in Europe that they will go for the ‘cheaper' American engines rather than a RB or a SR engine. What do you think?

The car was found on the Irish Driver forum.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Hi Octane Imports



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Wow. I thought I was looking at a r/c car for a second there. I've never seen such a bright S15 before. It must look and sound amazing while its in action.


This kind of stuff make's me sick to my stomach, how can you do this to a S15 or any JDM car. Putting a pice of crap US engine in it. If you do a engine wap then let it be a RB, VQ or VK.


I LOVE the LS engine in a sick JDM chassis. LS powered FD and FC RX-7's are amazingly competitive. Revving from anywhere, with a nimble and balanced chassis. The american chassis that the engine was plucked from is usually significantly heavier. I for one would LOVE to hear that at WOT. 8 ITB's for the win!


Yeah, because the LS2 engine is such a piece of crap.


STJ - LS2s are cheap, tuneable and reliable, stop being a JDM fanboy please.

One of my top 10 favourite S15s ever



It makes me sick as well, so sick that I have a full-on erection thinking about how good that car sounds.

Plz remove head from ass.

I prefer a japanese engine as well, but this is not a typical v8 swapped car.

It could use more wheel, less offset and more low, but just having a cohesive graphics scheme and BN makes it better than the average US pro drift car.


I cant stand those kind of swapp but I recognize that the work done on it is nice.


They definitely went cheap with brakes. K Sport.....some chinese God-knows-where-it was-built shit....

An American V8 into a Japanese car is a big no-no in my book. As cool as it looks, it's just a disgrace.

Like the dude that put an LS1 into an EVO....:-(


Not a good idea to swap an American engine into a JDM chassis. Yuck! Drift is becoming more American, Americanization, if you will. LOL.=D Japanese drifters like Yoshioka and Orido are coming to compete the States. What about D1?! I mean, Formula D is even organizing the Red Bull World Drift Championship. World? C'mon! Drift is really going far from its Japanese roots.


I dont understand why they put a V8 into a beatiful silvia... more piston isnt more horse... is more work and more gas to move that car...

You only need a RB26DETT or sr20Det or maybe a ca18det... but a V8 is very big and heavy...


To Kevin: It's called Globalization.

Get over it ;) In the long run, it's a good thing ;) lol

Personally from an engineering side, I think that this S15 is a very interesting idea. The motor is sound, and would create a reliable engine for a racing car. Even though personally, I enjoy seeing Japanese RB motors being binned into Silvias (because I think that an RB at full chat is just the ear sex), I think that this is a sick idea too. I bet it sounds awesome.

Now K-Sport brakes on the other hand... no no. I'd never put that brand on my car.


Also, it's amazing how light V8s actually are nowadays. Ask anyone who has done the LS swap in an FD3S, it's not like they did it, because they wanted to throw off the weight balance ;)

Don't get me wrong, on a personal basis, I enjoy seeing Japanese swaps in Japanese cars. However, it bothers me to see people complaining about it having a V8 in there, when they probably don't know much about the engine that is actually going into the car ;)

Another side note: Saying that drifting is going far from it's Japanese roots would be like saying that Motorsport is going far from it's British roots. Drivers, sponsors and racing league simply see opportunities in other places and decide to go there. Simple as that.

Now, having done my little soapboxing, I do miss the old days of seeing some grassroots street drifting on Option Video. ;)


Mostly you'll hear fanboys speaking crap on the USDM engines. Not to say that all of them are pure gold, but do some homework before you just start bashing on stuff ;)


This car sucks. I dont like it at all.

American motors in any other car that is not American is an EPIC FAIL. Any motor in any other car that isnt from the same country just sucks to me. RB26 in an oldschool 'stang, yea thats just ghey for both JDM heads and American Muscle fans.

Its not about being a JDM fan boy, its about doing sh*t right. Getting an american motor just because its cheaper and easier to make power is just wrong. Even american tuners are more innovative that this. The NOS Energy drink 350z in Formula D is a perfect example. V8 from a Nissan Titan in a Z? now thats cool!

Globalization is a good thing, I agree with that. I'm really happy that ORIDO and other drivers are making the trip here. They bring some really cool elements to a series that is beginning to dwindle. ARISTO in Formula D, 'nuff said!

Kevin, dont worry about D1. They have tons of drifters that are japanese. I think they'll be fine haha. Drift going far from japanese roots was the true dream of Tsuchiya and Daijiro. I bet they wanted to do that using D1 around the world, but I'm sure they've come to terms with what has happened.

Unfortunately, this car is another result of that dream coming into fruition. That being said, this car sucks. Looks like a HIN drift car. WAK!

EPIC POST, my bad yo


SECTION09 & BANZAI-BANZAI: Yeah, I think you're right. This was the vision of Inada and Tsuchiya to make drifting global. Maybe I'm just bitter over the fact that drifting bloomed into the mainstream. For me, it was sacrilegious. It's just that I feel that the Americans are taking away drifting from Japan. But uh, c'mon, it's just my opinion. It doesn't really matter because we are all fans of this great sport and we all have different views. Sorry for being too harsh on my comments. Maybe I said that because I'm not an American. heheh.=D my bad.


Hrm... they are just cars so I don't see any reason to get worked up about what's under the hood of someone else's car. I'm not really sure how anyone can expect drifting to "stay Japanese" in other countries. Did you guys look at the engine and the S15 with those sexy throttles? That is far from a stock engine swap and obviously has had tons of work put into it. . Of course I love Japanese stuff seeing as I how I live in Japan and all, but that doesn't mean I also don't love seeing "non-Japanese" stuff like this.

Besides even if you hate the idea of a V8 in a Silvia, there are still plenty of SR-powered ones out there for you.


The swap was borderline sacrilegious. Sometimes customizing cars is not really about raw power and performance, it also gets into the art form of building cars and that is what drifting is all about. There would be no drifting if everything we do about cars were about performance and power.


I love those K-sport brakes!!! Oh my god. AHHHLAVVET.



Do you have any idea what dash display he is using? i cant find any details on it.

Everyone hating on Alan's car-

I think you are all very quickly forgetting that this car is built with functionality in mind, and not a demonstration of how "Epic JDM tyte Yo" a car can be built.

Thats why you dont see Takata harnesses, a Nardi steering wheel or Project U brakes...this car was built as a tool and not a show queen to appease fanboys like yourselves.

Drifting, or any form of competitive driving for that matter, is all about weight transfer, and Alan's driving drifting style suits a nose heavy weight distribution.

Some drivers like a light engine mounted far back with similar spring rates front and rear, while others like a heavier engine with more harder springs up front than in the rear, it all just depends on their driving technique.

In this case, Alan has built himself a car that is best suited to his technique and style, which will give him a better chance at winning events.

Section 09, STJ, Alex and Kevin.

To put it simply for your tiny little mind's....

You all have something in common with this car....Your all tools!


What about MY TOOLS (YOUR ALL TOOLS?!), the voice of reason? And uh, my MIND'S what? C'mon now, it's just an opinion. Quit acting like this S15 was your own child.


Wow, now that's a crazy swap!! Okay, it might not be "correct" to stuff a Chevy V8 into a JDM Silvia, it might be better to put a Nissan VK or a Toyota UZ in it. But as Jeroen already said, Chevy LS-engines are "incredibly" cheap, and furthermore something different apart from those super-massive-turbocharger-SR's and RB-swaps (which are already something quite common).

I've already seen many different swaps on the S15 chassis - RB25, RB26, 2JZ, 3S, but this is the best of all - American V8 in a JDM Silvia, the best of both worlds.


The voice of reason needs to be silenced. Its fine to not agree, but don't be a jerk. Get over yourself.


I tend to think a lot of people here have NO IDEA what MODERN American engines are like. It's not 1980 anymore.


LMAO +1 ^^^^


Great debate :>

here is a different way of looking at it:

Do you guys think that there was an uproar of disgust when Carol Shelby put an American V8 engine into the British AC chassis to create the Shelby Cobra? Or was the success of the car as a racing machine able to out weigh any philosophical challenges associated with the combo?


Don't like these American V8 swaps on JDM shassis. Agree with Kevin, drifting is becoming more American. I can imagine rednecks sliding their Rustangs, Camaroos, err, whatever, after a day of deer hunting and Budweiser drinking. The horror!!!


To the guys saying drifting is becoming american. Guys, you gotta realize that drifting isnt japanese. Fine it started in japan but that doesnt mean the sport has to stay japanese. Drifting is a sport, is already American, European, Australian, Malaysian, and Japanese + whatever other country. Each country has its own influence on the sport, thats true, but to say "its becoming american" in general, to me, doesnt make sense. I used to be like you, all pro japanese and thats it. I hated mustangs and such other cars in the sport. Then I saw JR whoop them on our home turf and all of a sudden I was a changed man. I realized that this sport isnt a "japan only" thing. I was proud to know that an all american guy and american badass car won against the japanese team. Now the american drifting series is seeing more and more ex D1 drivers and cars! So in actuality, the American series has the edge of appealing to all types of fans. If you think about it, America is home of all types peoples from all backgrounds. This is what my vision of "Americanized Drifting" is. I'm all for it. (Now all we need is better judging and we're good to go!)

This car is going into pro drift anyway, which is in ireland! idk why you guys start talking abouet american drifting! ahh

That being said. I think this car sucks because it's just not my taste in tuning. Sure, they're tons of SR and RB powered Silvias out there, but to just drop a V8 American motor, (be it modern or not) just cause its cheap and easy, thats just not too interesting to me. Rod, I believe that latter half of your statement is true for most. Take this car, if it begins to completely blow away the competition because of the set up and tuning and yada yada, then of course it gets more respect. However, I've never seen a JDM car with an American V8 at the top of a drifting competition. I'd take JR's stang or Sam's VIPER over this thing.


The voice of reason - you're spot on, people slag this car but I bet they don't have anything as good as it


The LS2 weighs 450lbs. The SR20DET weighs 328lbs. Add all your mad tyte turbo accessories and the weight is basically the same. The LS2 has 2x the HP and 3x the torque.

Where is your god now?


Driving fast on a windy mountain road is not exclusive to japan. Also, Rod has a great point, Shelby put an American V8 in a European car, and it's since been claimed as an "american" heritage car. HAHAHA.

I'm not always a fan of cross breeding when it comes to cars, but this is a race car. In Super GT/JGTC, The Supras and Soarers (Lexus SC's) are running V8's, and I think the Z's started their race careers with RB26's? At any rate, the world's car companies already share so many parts/designs/ideas, that nothing is truly sacred any more.

Also, this beast now doesn't have to fear falling off the boost. It'll rev from anywhere.


I love how these "controvercial" posts generate soooo much discussion!


I don't know about the car, guys. Maybe it's just their opinion, you can't really change the thoughts of the people. Let's just respect their views because there's really nothing we can do about it. Man, a lot of discussion on this post. Just like Section09 said, it's fine not to agree but don't be a complete jerk.


I have to agree Section09, drifting is anything but americanized. From my point of view, drifting was created in the world of rallying, which was back in the days a truly European thing. Everyone says "Nah, the Japanese invented it on the touges and blah blah blah", but just look up rally footage from the 60s or 70s.... how many of you guys know the names Björn Waaldegard, Hannu Mikkola, Ari Vatanen, Sandro Munari etc.?

Okay, drifting as an own branch of motorsports is actually a Japanese invention. But drifting itself is never Japanese. So, I've no problem with drunken, deer hunting rednecks sliding around.


Section09, STJ and Kev

Sorry, i retract the last part of my previous comment.

I was very tired at the time i wrote that so by the end of it i was getting a little obnoxious ( and my grammar was shite aswell)

So im sorry for being a Jerk.

My point still stands though about this car being built with a purpose in my mind and so it should be viewed as an instrument/tool to get the job done.


the LS2 weights about 80 lbs more than a regular 13B....

Calvin Wan already said multiple times how reliable his engine has lasted (considered how much he abused it).

Again, I personally don't like the choice this S15 owner took. To each his own....


Personally, I think it's pretty unique and though the "purists" might cringe, you've gotta at least respect the quality of the hard work that went into this car. Though basically the modern series of LS engines trace their roots back to the pushrod smallblock Chevy that debuted in 1955, these engines have evolved over half a century to become as reliable and competitive as anything out there and proven themselves in virtually every genre of motorsport. I wish there was a close up of that engine compartment, so clean!


A simple email or phone call asking to use these images would have been greatly appreciated guys instead of stealing the images off one of 3 areas where i had displayed them and creating what i was linked to tonight :@

In future ask me before abusing my good will in putting images online!


voice of reason, its cool man, thanks for that!

I do have to say, the fit and finish of this thing is amazing. Lots of attention to detail everywhere.

FAIL for you guys not asking permission. Not cool.

Hope you learn from your mistakes!


V8 fo 09!! son!! LS-2 ! even Tyrone be rollin on them !! purists stop whinin !


hello everyone i cant say weather this engine is going to be any good or not as there are very little v8s in ireland, i have a 547 bhp sr 20 s15 wihch i still use and love the ear percing sound it make s. i just decided to try something different for a laugh, once i get the car into compition i will let you all no if it is any good, thanks to everyone who thinks the car is cool i think it is myself cheers chubby.


oh yea and by the way i am full on jap and was going to put a 800hp 2jz in, but after sitting back and thinking about it ( like all you full on drifters that run the v8s down no ) you need more torque than horse power, instent power not waiting on it all to happen, so we will wait and see i try and finish off the year well as i beat mr tanaka at silverstone 2 months ago, here s hopeing it all works out good luck and good buyy !!!


ls2 in a siliva is sweet

ls2 weighs less than an rb motor and develops shit load more torque

as for less horsepower, its all well and good having 1000hp rb motor, but when the turbo kicks in a 5000 and it redlines at 10000 thats only 5000rpm to play with. LS2 develops twice the torque from 0 all the way to 8000rpm....give me a ls2 in a s14 or 15 anyday


I think putting a V8 in a good proven drift chassis can be a very competitive package as long as it is set up correctly. An advantage a V8 has compared to a turbo engine is that it has a more usable powerband which is spread across a wider rpm range. The power is more linear and predictable which can make it easier to modulate the throttle mid-drift and have more control of the wheel speed. With a turbo engine, you will have to anticipate for turbo lag, especially coming out of slow corners and adjusting speed mid-drift by clutch kicking to speed up spool time. Then when the boost finally kicks in, you have tons of wheelspin instantly because of the sharp increase in the power delivery which can hurt acceleration in drift. N/A engines are generally more reliable than turbo engines because there are fewer components that can fail, but both types of engines can be reliable as long as you use the correct combination of parts and have the engine tuned correctly.

I have always been a fan of keeping the original style engines or at least the same make engines in same make chassis. It is a more "proper" way of building cars and keeping it real to the style tuning for that particular car. I agree that Nissan VK45 or 56 in a S15 would be more "proper" than a GM LS2 in a S15. But I also appreciate all types of car makes and believe that each car make has some specific models and engines that are very well designed and should be appreciated.

The LS series engines has been developed for decades and has proven to be a reliable and powerful engine. They have tons of aftermarket support, makes good power, and is a lightweight package for a V8. Compared to a Nissan VK series engine, which I think is an awesome engine, lacks the aftermarket support when compared to the LS engine. The VK is a heavier engine because of the dual overhead cams setup heads which are bigger and heavier than the pushrod LS engine that has smaller, more lightweight heads and makes more power. So it makes more sense performance wise to use a LS engine, but using a Nissan VK in a Nissan S15 would be more proper. Either way, I am down with both setups.

Also I think that it is cool that the drifting is developing it's own style in different countries. It adds more variety and keeps drifting interesting.


The amount of close minded drivel that comes out of the mouths of many in this comments section is staggering.


Most the comments on here sum up why the internet sucks.

Tons of kids with no clue talking total crap about stuff they dont understand.

The car is amazing and works better than 99% of the fanboy JDM shite you all masturbate over.

Glad a few people with actual genuine knowlege and experience of real life have replied, rather than just internet drift fanboys...