Random Snap>>on The Roval

I found this photo today while digging through the Nissan Japan press site as research for my ongoing debate with Antonio whether or not we are "allowed" to use the term C10 in reference to Hakosuka generation Skylines…. Burp….. You know I've met a few people now who talk about the one moment in
time that the JGTC/Super GT series came to the states in 2004. Seems like it had a lasting impression on those who were lucky enough to be there. Look for a retrospective article on this event sometime in the future.



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I was there back in '04. I remember the section I was in cheered and clapped like crazy when the then the JGTC cars came by on the warm up lap.


I remember it too...I basically sat in one of the corners and watched the cars go by for hours on end.

I loved it so much, they need to come back.


You can't use the term C10. Coupe/KGC10, sedan/GC10, and GT-R KPGC10.


Well I can as Nissan does, but I would be out of sync with the Japanese builders etc.


good stuff Rod! I flew out to Cali back in 04 with a bunch of customers/friends for the JGTC Live Event. Was an awesome time! I think I even have some video floating around someplace. If interested, let me know and I'll email it to you


That was probably THE coolest weekend ever. I knew the guy with the red ferraris that were with the NASA guys (if any of you remember his car(s)). Yeah, I got to hang out in the pits and got to check them all out upclose. It makes all the other sort of events seem so lame!


God I wish the would come back again. I missed the weekend in 04 and have been kicking myself in the ass ever since.