Random Snap>> Mr2 On Equips

 Almost nothing beats a MR2 on Work Equips type 3; found on the Driftworks forum



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Sure its not an AW11? ;)


its an aw11 not aw10


I had a 'discussion'on this with Antonio, the AW11 came with a removable top roof. Therefor I thought this was a AW10 that didn't had that option. By looking at the photo this one has a fixed roof.


nah, AW11's were available with either T-bar, sunroof or fixed roof 'tin tops'.

I had a japanese import AW11 myself with a fixed roof and it definately said "AW11" on the chassis!

There was such a thing as an AW10 MR2 though, it was fitted with the 3A-U 1.5 SOHC engine, but it was JDM only and sold in very small numbers as a lower spec model, kind of like the AE85 is to an AE86.


Then I stand corrected :) thanks guys


I would like to see and know more about this car. It's so nice!


This MR2 is looking clean! I honestly thin those rims make any older car look hecka nice!


Ah, so AW11 it is! Hey kurisu, is your Japanese imported MR2 in the USA? southern cali?

LOL it would suck to have a 3AU, it just sounds like it would be an extremely crappy engine. if someone owns an AW10, maybe they could swap the head and make it a 3AG for a whopping 75hp to the wheels, haha. that would be hilarious. 3AG with TVIS. hahaha

me personally, i think the car looks interesting, but i dislike how the doorhandles have been painted body color, and moldings removed. what do you guys think?

i like 80s cars to look like 80s cars, I dunno, its just me.

also, the black metal vent trim on the rear pillar is missing. but i'm curious about which front lip spoiler that is..


dood but antonio, stock 4ags do about 75 rwhp anyway


SHUT UP Brian! Man, my stock highcomp 4AG puts down at least 85hp! I have that Kaaz LSD, flywheel, and an ACT clutch. should be good for at least 85! Stop picking on my superdope highcomp.


I love the AW11. I personally think that the car sits a bit too low for my personal tastes, but it looks sick still.


An AW11 never looked so good.


Equip 03s are dope. but this AW11 is slammed way too low imo.


Drivetrain mods dont add power, they might actually rob power haha, kaaz lsd is prolly heavier then the stock lsd or open diff, more drivetrain loss!! :(

the AW11 has less drivetrain loss then the AE86 so this car is prolly putting more horsepower to the wheels.

back on subject the AW11 in the pic looks sweet !


but jay's blue supercharged AW11 is still the best AW11 MR2 i've ever seen!


I would like to see this with black fender flares and deep offset wantanabeeeeeeeeeeees! Just my flava! The car still looks awesome like it is but the wheel size is weak :( This is just my aesthetic point of view :)


I like it, but I never liked mudflaps....those things belong on a rally car.

I'm not too keen on the agressive front canard/ bumper....it's a street car, it should be a bit cleaner in my opinion.


Sorry Antonio, I'm in the UK, and sold the car last month as a non-runner :(


the AW10 was a SOHC version that were in very few numbers in the US. the VAST majority of the MK1 MR2s are AW11's because of the 4ag(z)e that came in them.

if you want to see another cool one, visit my blog at http://nachtmensch.blogspot.com/ :)


i miss my MK1, would've done the same thing if i still had her, might do the same thing wit my MK2 hella dump, hella flushin, can i know what set up u got?


gracias por mostrar tu auto me inspiras a terminar en su totalidad el mio del 1986 bye suerte saludos y eso es una obra de arte