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Here's a random pic of my friend James Bondurant (grandson of race car driver Bob Bondurant, of Bondurant School of Performance Driving fame) drifting at Irwindale in a Factory Five racer, owned by James Evans of Evans Racing. Although this car has the body of the famously expensive Shelby Cobra, it's actually a kit car, which combines a Cobra style body with a Ford Mustang engine, transmission, and mechanical components.

I wonder if traditional "muscle car guys" would become drifting fans if they saw a bunch of Camaros, Mustangs, and Shelby Cobras drifting, instead of Silvias, 180SXs, 350Zs, AE86s, and FCs? What do you guys think?

-Antonio Alvendia

Evans Racing Team

Factory Five Racing



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Love the FFR kits. My buddy has one. He took me for a ride. The car was only running about 260hp from a '94 Mustang GT 5.0L and 5 speed, but it was probably a high 12, low 13 second ride. Amazing, should be killer at drifting. The way to drive these fast on the trans am circuits back in the day was to slide them with all 4 wheels. Hmmmm....exactly!


4 Wheel drifting :>