New Cars>>return Of The Silvia?

With all the buzz about the upcoming Subaru/Toyota FR sports coupe, there hasn't been much talk about oft-rumored revival of the Nissan Silvia. The Silvia is basically the Ford Mustang of Japan, so naturally, the Japanese auto media is in a frenzy anticipating its return.

According to an article published recently on, the new car is likely to be of similar size to the old S15 model and should be offered with both naturally aspirated and turbocharged four cylinder engines. Power is estimated to range between 150 and 225hp depending on engine choice. As expected, the Silvia's pricing should put it in direct competition with Toyota/Subaru coupe.

Though Nissan has not offically announced any details for this car, top execs have hinted at the car's return in the past, and rumor has it they are speeding up development in response to the Subaru/Toyota car. I think with skyrocketing gas prices the market is ripe for lightweight, four cylinder sports cars like this. Infiniti recently announced they will building a competitor to the entry level BMW 1-series, and I thought that car might be the same or similar to the new Silvia, but details are still sketchy. I have also heard rumors that the 1-series fighter will be more of a crossover type vehicle, so I guess we will have to see what happens.

You can check the 7Tune article for more info on the possible new Silvia.

Now a question for you guys. If this car does make it into production, would you choose it over the Subaru/Toyota offering?

7Tune: New Nissan Silvia?

-Mike Garrett



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the rear looks like a garbage mazda 6


The body lines remind me of the older Tiburon. I am not a fan of front grill design either. arrg


hmmm, not sure about this one..


thats a nissan maxima coupe, LOL


is that a CA license plate I see?


This car = Hyundai Genesis Coupe = Subaru Toyota love child.

Doesn't anyone know how to design cars that look a different way?


dont forget, these mockup images are pure speculation by the magazines. You can often see the donor images which the photoshops come from. Only when a car is seen testing do they become more accurate.

I would be VERY surprised if it came out like that....and dissapointed!


probably a qr20det


If one more "new" coupe comes out that looks like that I'm gonna hurl. It's not that it's ugly, only that I've seen it a thousand times(350z, G35, G37, Tiburon, Genesis, Altima cpe., Toyobaru rendering, Silvia rendering the list goes on.....) I wish some companies would be daring and come out with an affordable coupe that has radical styling, FR layout, and most importantly LIGHT WEIGHT. This rendering looks too portly to be the successor to the Silvia. Well, as Andy said it's only an early rendering so hopefully the actual car will look at least slightly unique. And who will stop the trend of putting useless vents on the quarter panels?


Agree with bobberz on this one. But, the fact that these cars are finally making it back is great. I think this one looks too much like the Altima coupe, but bring. Aftermarket can help a lot on the ugliness factor. I personally at this point in time would go with the Subaru Coupe because its lighter and smaller (than the Hyundai and assuming this is as big or a little smaller).


I guess while we are on the RWD coupe theme, did anyone else here about the possibility of the new Camaro being available with a turbocharged four under the hood? Could be an interesting combo depending on the weight of the car.


No inline 4 will win me over a boxer 4 growl! But, I'd still choose any forced induction model over N/A if one comes stateside.