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So it's almost 1am on Sunday morning in Japan as I'm writing this. I spent all day Saturday at the D1GP Tokyo Drift exhibition match in Odaiba, and I am exhausted. My skin is sunburnt dark red, my whole body is sore, I'm going on about two hours of sleep, and I'm covered in shredded rubber. Despite all that, I am in a good mood because the event was AWESOME. I'm not going to write anything about it right now, as I need to go to bed so I can get up early and go back tomorrow, but I did take the time to do up a few "teaser" shots from Saturday.

No words. Just photos. Must sleep…

Today's forecast is calling for rain. That would usually be a bummer, but with my fried skin I'm actually looking forward to it. I wonder if day two of D1GP Tokyo Drift will be as crazy as day one?

D1GP Tokyo Drift

-Mike Garrett



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fantastic stuff m8!


awesome! cant wait to see the rest


woah woah woah who's SC is that? Damn I cant wait to see some footage of that around the corners. Excellent pics I really like how the 86 and FC still look street, I wish there where more cars like that.


Whats that an SC!? niiiice


The TOM's SC430 should belong (and correct me if I'm wrong), the owner of DRoo-p, and the Luxus should be driven by Toshi "king" Yoshioka.....and I think he retired his AE86.

If I remember correctly, this SC used to be matte black last year....

I guess MS-R "massage" the


Whoa, can't wait to see more of the SC, Chaser and Uras FD!


Alex is exactly right. Yoshioka is my boy, I just talked to him yesterday. He will be in Las Vegas for Formula D Las Vegas, so let's make sure to cheer for him! =)


what the sc's gonna be at vegas. oh man i gotta go.


Hello Mike,

Do you have those photos in a higher resolution, for desktop background purposes? :)



Went today...Sunday.

Not a bad day out. But tooooooooo long between the action.


Oh man, where can I get those scale model drifters? They look sweet.


is that Kuroi's S13 in the last picture?

if so, that suggs

I love his cars


Wow, nice blue Re-amemiya RX7 and Ae86 with panda color sheme