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Fans who attended the D1GP Tokyo Drift exhibition match over the weekend were treated to much much more than just your standard D1 drift competition. Given the event's high profile locale and the desire to make sure ticket buyers got their money's worth, event organizers saw to adding several demo runs and performances that were held over the course of the weekend.

Here are some photos and a quick summary of the "bonus" acts from D1GP Tokyo Drift.

First up, we have the Team Orange Show. All four Team Orange members took to the course for about ten minutes performing all sorts of daredevil maneuvers that drove the fans absolutely wild. The demos included two-car tandem runs, and the even more impressive four-car tandem runs. The most impressive, however, were the "chicken" runs where Kumakubo and Tanaka would approach from one side of the course and Suenaga and Hiraoka would approach from the other, passing each other head on around the main corner. I remember seeing videos of Tanaka and Kumakubo doing this in the past, but with four cars it was amazing!

Following the Team Orange Show, there was another demo run of a totally different type. Rex tomo no kai is a group of drivers from Tochigi Prefecture who are masters of kei car drifting. Kei car drifting? It sounds strange, but it actually looks really cool. Sure the little FWD keis don't have quite the gracefulness of traditional drift cars, but it still requires an immense amount of talent to pull off what these guys were doing. The fact that there was five of them doing it at the same time made it even better.

Given the relatively low value of these cars and the craziness of the drivers, there was quite a bit of "paint trading" between the five little cars. I have a feeling a lot of it was not by accident either…

Thi Tokyo Drift event received a lot more "mainstream" media attention than typical D1 events receive. TV Tokyo even provided some super expensive HD cameras that allowed the judges to make their decisions after looking at ultra high quality slo mo replays on the jumbotron. The event also had its share of "star power".

The two funny looking twins on the right are a comedic duo that is really popular in Japan right now. I see them on TV almost everyday. I was starstruck to the max! The guy wearing the suit is Ryuchi Kawamura, actor and the lead singer of the famous Japanese rock band, Luna Sea. He is actually a really big fan of drifting and has appeared at D1 in the past. You probably already know who the old guy on the left is. The girl staring at my camera is Yuri, the singer from the band Move.

Speaking of Move, the event featured Move performing a few of their songs live in the middle of the course. Move is pretty well known even outside of Japan for their work on the Initial D anime, they have done the opening theme for every stage of Initial D since the beginning. The really cool thing was that Move's live show featured not just the band performing, but drifting as well. At the same time!

The show started with the three members of the band being "delivered" to the stage in three cars very similar to the ones in Initial D.

Nobushige Kumakubo was behind the wheel of the AE86, Masao Suenaga was in the yellow FD, and our own Naoto Suenaga was in the white FC. Rotary brothers just like in the cartoon! Check out the grin on Kuma's face in this pic. I'm not sure if he's grinning because of the show or just because he's behind the wheel of the awesome Tec-Arts 86.

While the band performed a few of their hits on stage…

…the fellas slid past them in three-car formation and spun synchronized donuts in front of the stage.

Man that 86 is cool isn't it? Let me know if you guys want me to post more photos of it.

So yeah, as you can see there was a lot of cool stuff to be seen in Odaiba besides D1 drifting. Next post I will cover Sunday's D1 exhibition match.

D1 Tokyo Drift

-Mike Garrett



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DUDE. Seriously, AWESOME photos Mike! Your skill behind the camera just gets better and better, good job man. This was such an awesome post!!!

I remember seeing the twins on TV every day last time I was in Japan too, no wonder they looked so familiar! The chick from Move aint bad either.

DUHHH obviously let's see some more pics of that Tecart's 86! Or anything Tecart's for that matter!

I love how you can see Kumakubo, Masao, and Naoto's faces! LOL they weren't wearing helmets! Only in Japan... they'd get in trouble for doing that in the USA! haha


I thought that dude in the tux was the chairman from the original Iron Chef.


yes please, more panda trueno pics in wallpaper size...

actually i'd left a similar comment in the previous post already



YES, more pics of the 86. Especially in a larger size, my desktop is in need of a real life hachi roku going sideways. Didn't you guys post a while back you were going to include larger pics? This site is awesome, but the killer feature it's missing is some larger pics. Just keep the logo down in the bottom corner, and I'd be happy to put it on my background.


this is bullshit mike, why was i not invited for an all-expense-paid trip to come check this shit out.

i check auto-otaku, and now this site everyday.

where's the love!?

this event looks epic <_<


yuri is easy on the eyes. her shoes are not.


^^ +1

I agree with Antonio, these shots are straight money. I wish I could have seen that, looks and sounds like an awesome event. The only thing that could top this is some HD Video highlights!


man thats cool.....oh and yes please on more pic on that 86


Love the Flicks, sir. Also a fan of the Initial D series. I thought it was great how MOVE did a live performance while they were doing the drift runs... So... is this site replacing Auto-Otaku, Mike??


i think that is the band that sing the Initial D them song


Oh man, more pics of the AE86 and FC3S please!




More of the AE86 please! I always loved Panda or Red/Black tone colours along with gold Equips.


Eventhough I'm founder of AEU86 I'd say: MORE PICS OF THE FC!! :P

(and ofcourse the AE86 :P )

About the Kei-cars: those are Subaru Rex-es (also known as Mini Jumbo in Europe) and they are very popular in FWD drift events. Probably because they weight nothing and their engines were quite powerful (and tunable) during the 80s. One of the video option footages about the Rex:


Hey guys, thanks for the compliments on the photos. I have been playing with new techniques and I'm very happy with how they have come out. I shot plenty of pics of the Tec-Arts 86's so I will put something together soon.

Speedhunters is not really replacing Auto Otaku, but it is where I am putting almost all my efforts now. Speedhunters allows me to travel much more and to shoot a lot more events than I could with just Auto Otaku!


What the heck? EVO drifting? Is that a transverse mounted inline 4 RWD car or AWD?


Habitat yes, that 4G63 is mounted longitudinally, where have you

Front diff being disconnected.

Koyama san did the work, and it looks stunning. I've seen it in person, and let me tell you, I've never seen such a clean engine bay. The tranny is a 6 sequential gear box from Hollinger....buff !

Oh, Kumakubo's EVO should sport the latest Greddy Type R coilovers as well (with remote resevoirs).....


cool pictures, was there any other activities like supermoto racing, because that was there in prevous years?


No this one didn't have any bike racing or stunting. I think that stuff is held alongside the MSC events at Odaiba.


hachi roku pics moitekite kudasai!!!


This coverage is just outstanding!

I can't thank you enough.

More pics of the MOVE performance and the Initial D demo please!

Dare I ask if there is any video?


Awesome event!!! I wish Video Option still sold JDM Option International (english subtitles) DVD's . I have a room full of almost every JDM Option International DVD sold. If Video Option does make one DVD with english subs. for 2008, make it for this 2-Day D1 Tokyo Odaiba event including demo runs and Move's performance with the Initial D cars. (shouldn't Ueo be driving Takumi's car?) If not, I'll rent this at J-Wave or order the Japanese DVD at Kinokuniya Books (both in Downtown LA's Japan town).


yeah that would be awsome if you did a feature on the 86, i love the wacky rear tail lights. Also nice bonus on MOVE performing.


I found a video clip on youtube of Move performing the Initial D opening song and the 3 cars doing donuts: