Eye Candy>>girls Of D1 Tokyo Drift

I know you guys enjoy seeing the ladies almost as much as you like the seeing the cars, so I have put together a small gallery of some of the race queens and flag girls from the D1GP Tokyo Drift event in Odaiba. While D1 is not known for its race queens like Super GT or Tokyo Auto Salon, there were still quite a few of them to be found in Odaiba.

I'm not going to spend the time to write captions for these as you probably won't even notice them. Hope you enjoy!

-Mike Garrett



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Wow....So how long have they been using "Ring Girl" style round indicators....I think it's cool!


Nothing better than JDM umbrella girls! so hot! i mean come on japanese cars and japanese girls what more does a man need.... oh wait japanese food hahaha. now i want some sushi! even though its like 9 am hahaha


I heart the D-Sign Girl (orange and silver) on the LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took a ton of photos of her at Suzuka last year, forgot her name though. She has a cute voice too! Did you get a D1 program with those girls in it? I'm curious to see if Hiromi is still a D-Sign girl, she speaks English, and she sends me emails from time to time... I'd love to see those girls again! And especially the Benelop girls! Damn. Super hot.


I really like the Yokomo promo girl :)


I vote photo #3, sign holder girl.


eclip5e, that's the girl i was talkin about! you and i have the same taste!

jeroen, we have slightly DIFFERENT tastes so thats good! i know we can hang out together and not run into problems! hahahaaa i know a handful of chicks who look just like that yokomo girl, come to LA and i'll introduce. just ask rod, i'm not joking.


the yokomo girl with the pink earings is the hottest... holy cute batman!