Event>>time Attack Round 3 At Silverstone

Man, I am really starting to envy you guys in the UK! Even in Japan they don't have these awesome time attack and drifting combo events. Before the Time Attack guys were even done recovering from the Knockhill event, it was time to do it all again at Silverstone. The Silverstone round proved to full of action and by the end of the day, three new Time Attack records were set. Rod mentioned how just how big the time attack scene is getting in the UK and I have to agree with him. The level of the drivers and teams is equal to and maybe even higher than that of the United States, and possibly Japan as well.

Rich Sams was there to shoot the event and provided us with these brilliant photos-

162mph on the pit straight! Clocked by the 850hp Roger Clark Impreza.

We just ran a video feature on this car if you want to see more.

Sometimes the pursuit for those extra fractions of a second can go too far. Luckily, no one was hurt in this accident.

I'm loving this R32 GT-R painted up like one of the old Japanese Group A racers.

Here's the new Impreza time attack car from ZEN Performance. Check out the cool-looking concave wheels. By the way, do any of our UK readers know why the early model Imprezas are such a popular choice in comparison to the newer models? I'm guessing weight and price, but just wanted to see if there was another reason.

These three cars couldn't be more different.

This car reminds me of all the time attack FD's I see at Tsukuba. So cool.

Not a lot of FF cars on the track, but this Buddy Club DC5 Integra had a strong showing.

You can take a look at the official Time Attack site for a full run down of the event with massive amounts of photos. The next Time Attack round will be at Oulton Park on July 5.

Time Attack Rd.3 Official Results

-Mike Garrett



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That ZEN Performance scoobie looks mean! omg.


I demand high resolution photos on this site.. I would be changing my wallpaper daily. just to keep up with all these awsome photos.. Seriously High REZ now!!


That Elise has Nitrous hooked up to the pedal BTW....


Its coming this month!...


beautiful pitures, specially the one with the lancer and S15.

I wish I could have this one as a wallpaper;)

Continue like that guys, your website is better and better every day

Well done


Was the Autosportif Impreza there at all? It's an ex-McRae WRC car converted for cicuit use.

Mike is quite right regarding why they're using them. Although the chassis is not as rigid as the newer imprezas it is a fair bit lighter. Esepcially going for the 3 doors (which are all fiberglass or CF replacements anyway). Obviously the cages are either bolted or welded in as well as other strengthening.

The lotus runs an Audi engine, which is then blown and nitrous'd. I took a couple of shots of it in the pits at Knockhill - http://www.flickr.com/photos/st3ph3n/2514904314/sizes/l/in/set-72157605202837677/ - unfortunately it wasn't out when I was there on the Saturday at practice.


Were still trying to get the spectator attendance at the Time Attacks in the US.....or so it seems...Next one is in California Speedway and Live Sockets developed an interesting concept for this event. 1 on 1 battle to the finish. Should be exciting!


I love the front splitter on the ZEN performance impreza. That auto looks all business!


Is that a Redline or Superstreet event mista Belle? What is the date? We'll have to send Antonio out to check it out.


That and because the GC Impreza just look slick!

Much better looking than any other impreza after, IMHO


Any chance of seing a feature on the Gugliemi Lotus?


We have shot a film of the car which is waiting patiently to get edited. May be a bit of time before you see that one though.