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Here we have some more rally greatness brought to us by "Rommel", a member of the Speedhunters forums. Rommel is a resident of Barbados and he hooked us up with a link to some in depth coverage of the Sol Rally Barbados event which was held last weekend. The event's roster included everything from the latest Imprezas and Evos, to classics like the jumping Toyota Starlet seen above. Speaking of the Starlet, it seems like the older Toyotas have a huge following among the Caribbean guys. I'm not just talking about the older FR cars, but also the AWD machines from the glory days of Toyota's rally ventures.

Here are a few snaps from the event-

This Focus looks like a WRC-level car. Also, check out all the spectators in the background. Looks like a very popular event.

Running through the darkness. I love this photo.

An older model Celica lifting one of its front wheels. Nice to see some love for this mostly forgotten model.

I hadn't heard of too many Mazda3's built for rally use, but this thing looks awesome. I wonder what's under the hood?

This flying Corolla is another one of Toyota's rally cars from days gone by.

A cool late model Suzuki Swift. Note to Suzuki: Please import this car to the states. The timing is ripe for another cool compact.

I'll finish it off with this 70 chassis Corolla. This body style is one of my favorite old school Toyotas. Makes a perfect old school rally car don't you think?

-Mike Garrett



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Wow..Nice pics...gotta hand to the "Brave" spectators though...People get hit all the time... At a race in Chile..a driver named Brody Ceron, smashed into a bunch of onlookers. Nobody died. But he continued the race and got arrested at the finish line! Crazy!


I take it that the Focus is one that has AWD like some sold in the UK and what not? Awesome photos I really like the old school Corolla spinning some wheels in the dirt.


Mike your taste...is on the upper levels me8 excellent layout of automotive ....art.




nice to see a st185 celica gtfour racing!


AWESOME PHOTOS!!! I love the 1983-84 kouki KP61 Starlet, and of course the ST185 GT-Four RC Celica, and the TE71/AE71 Corolla! Awesome! The WRC Rally style Corolla is great too... Focus, whatever.

I would LOVEE to goto Barbados and shoot cars sometime. And drink some rum.


Indeed the photos are rather cool, I checked out some photos of the rally

on Flickr and it seems quite a few of the cars are on UK plates.


@ walter H; the focus was never sold as a 4wd anywhere. Even the RS was still FF with LSD. This is either FF with the WRC-body kit or a genuine WRC Focus. i think the latter.

Great shots by the way. The long exposure shot is awesome!


the Focus aboue is really an ex-WRC car...can't remember the complete history of the car, but it is currently owned by a guy by the name of Steve Perez and the car was once driven in the World Rally Championship...

the WRC Corolla in which you see pictured, is being driven by Irish-man Chris Meeke, who is the second international driver to win this yearly event...the only other international driver to win this event is Irish-man Kenny McKinstry....

i am not too certain what engine is under the bonnet of the Mazda 3 but i must say it is very impressive for what it is...thanks for posting this event up on speedhunter.com, will keep you all up to date with any more events that are coming up


the next events in which International entries are welcomed are being held in August - which is an International Race meet held at our local track...and the other is being held 13th September and is called the Sun & Stars Rally

if any of you guys think that you or anyone you know would be interested in competing in any of these fast paced events feel free to contact me via email at: rsbellamy@gmail.com or flamma11@hotmail.com and i would get all necesary info and paperwork for you...


Hey i am from Barbados as well , the Focus is an Ex Duvaul WRC focus , the corolla is an Ex carlos sianz and the celica is an Ex juka kankunin clica. The swift has a 2.0 300 + hp motor 6 speed sequential box . The Mazda 3 has a 2.0 Ford duratech in the hood , sequential box , it is a quick little car.


I thought speed hunters was a good site b4, but now it is my number 1 international site cause my country made it on, especially since i'm not there. Nice night pic by the way


(Owner of the KP61 Starlet) I would encourage anyone to come down to this rally. It is great fun from a spectator's point of view and also as a competitor. The atmosphere is fantastic, and yes there is plenty of rum to go around. This year we had 89 entries, with 30 international entries. As you can see there are a lot of older Toyota's, and actually Toyota was the best represented brand, with something like 17 entries!

Make plans for next year! It will be here before you know it.


Great, WoW,, wish I was there...


I wouldn't mind coming down to rally race. I have a BMW 325i s. Who do I write to for entrie.. Also this is my first viewing of Speedhunter its wonderful, great, excellence.....great pictures.

I live in Massaschusetts, USA. yall. Anyone who particpated in Barbados please write me soon.

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