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The Formula D New Jersey event was this weekend, as most of you already know. New Jersey was real hot this weekend, and relatively humid. I’ve been in worse humidity, but for me, any sort of humid situation isn’t very comfortable! We were out in the hot sun all day long; we were getting sticky with the combination of humidity, perspiration, fumes from race fuel evaporating onto our skin, sunblock lotion, fumes from tire smoke, and small chunks of tire sticking to our arms, face and clothes. Welcome to Formula D New Jersey, people!

Above, Samuel Hubinette and Tanner Foust were running very very close during their practice rounds, which was extremely exciting to watch and shoot!

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown New Jersey played host to the Formula D tour for this event, but everyone on the east coast knows the track as “E-Town.” E-town is very well known for its history of hosting drag race events in the east coast, but when I got there to check it out, I was very surprised to find that it also had a pretty developed dirt track and a road course as well! It even had a pretty cool go-kart track there, and two drag strips – a 1/4 mile track and a separate 1/8th mile track as well!

On top of all that, they have a race graphics shop on the premises, and a pizzeria called “Two Brothers Pizza” or something! Right as I was telling my friends how impressed I was that they had an actual pizzeria built into the grandstands of the dragstrip, my friends from NJ told me, “nah man, we’ve seen pizzas delivered to that place, they don’t make it themselves at the track!” Aw man…

But on another note, I wanted to say big thanks to Andy Luk (Formula D) and Francis Mabutas (Speedlounge.com) for introducing me to Kim and WP from Raceway Park, who helped the Speedhunters crew get a golf cart for the weekend! We couldn’t have gotten around the track without it, thank you all!

Ryuji Miki was running very clean and consistent during practice, but suddenly his transmission blew out, forcing the Apex’i team to stay late to fix the car in time for the next day’s event! Check out Henry Shelley in the background, trying to catch up to Miki in his Federal Tires S13 Silvia!

Darren McNamara was throwing tons of smoke out of his RHD Sears Autocenter Saturn Sky… in fact, you can hardly even see that Tanner Foust is following right behind him!

GM Battle of Drift! RMR Pontiac Solstice vs Sears AutoCenter Saturn Sky. Bridgestone vs Falken Tires. Red Bull vs Irish malt liquor. New Zealand vs Ireland. Millen vs MacNamara. These two cars look great drifting together! They should get together with Ryan Tuerck and his Solstice for a threesome! Get your head out of the gutter, I was talking about a 3-way tandem drifting run.

One thing I like about Chris Forsberg is the fact that even though he has a big V8 in his 350Z, he doesn’t feather the throttle… he mashes it! He always drives at high RPM and with his foot to the floor. Very aggressive. I love it.

Michihiro Takatori’s R34 GTR looks super cool even when it’s just sitting! Notice the thin metallic lines protruding from his fenders… it’s the outer lip of his rims sticking past his slightly stretched Toyo Tires! Awesome! I dig how you can see the camber and the polished metal lips sticking out…

Here’s Calvin Wan and Henry Shelley lining up at the Formula D start line, ready for launch!

I think this photo is pretty cool, cause you can see Calvin Wan’s personally owned FD3S RX-7 (formerly white) catching some air, as he does a dirt drop drift with a passenger on board! The front wheels lightly lifted off the ground for a moment as the rear wheel dipped into the dirt, stirring up a brown dust cloud underneath the car! Super cool looking!

-Antonio Alvendia

Formula D New Jersey Practice Day

FDNJ Unseeded Qualifying

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park (Englishtown NJ)



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Cool pics Antonio.

Miki Ryuji rocks !!! Saying he's gifted it's an understatement !

He won the D1 series back in 2005 (I think) with the Top Secret S15, and now he's here in Formula D...I wonder why?


BTW, I can't stand Hubinette hideous-roof ! That thing is out of proportion. I know it's important for driver to get fresh air, but that thing is just.....


Sorry to correct you Alex but Miki was D1 champ in 04'.............Kazama in 05'.....Kumakubo in 06'......Kawabata in 07'........Hopefully Tezuka in 08'!!!!! Just some FYI ;)


This event was really bad.

I was there and It was very poorly organized, J-ROD messed up so many times on the mic, The days schedule was all wacky (we missed qualifying because the website had the wrong times), the reserved seating was a rip-off, Worst Judging ever!! I can go on and on. The pics look great tho, thank you! Sadly I dont think Formula D will ever be close to as good as D1, even tho they claim to be the best drift event in the world. haha.

Miki was doing so good! The judges robbed him as well as many other drivers. Ahh I really hate Formula D after this event. This is my 5th time going too! I wont be returning next year. boooo.


Thanks Johnahan...I wasn't 100% sure....that's why I wrote "I think"....anyway, a super good driver nontheless !

What I think...(continuing to what Section09 said)......despite the fact that the American drifters became very skillful in the past 5 years or so (even the Japanese acknowledge that).....there is still a huge gap between D1 and Formula D drivers.

Maybe the lack of sponsors/ endorsment has something to do with it.....maybe more practice....

Some of the D1 drivers also race JGTC, some are test driver/ guest for Best Motoring/ Option video/ RevSpeed, some others are gymkhana drivers. What I'm trying to say is: Japanese drivers seem to be very very involved in motoring, no matter how you look at it.

On the other hand, only a handful of Formula D driver can get by with their endorsment.... Millen, Gushi, Jr. Gitten. For many others....they have a regular job behind a desk, and can't afford to live off the races themselves....and partecipating at the local Drift Day is not enough....I don't know, there are certainly many other reason why the Formula D drivers are not as skillful as the Japanese....but who knows, time will tell.....


The actual drifting at Formula D is great. We have awesome drivers like JR, Tanner, Rhys, Miki, Takatori and more. Those guys perform as hard as they can and they do great. I just feel everything else in Formula D is just not cutting it. D1 is better as a whole. I went to D1 Irwindale (I live in NYC, traveled to cali just for the event) a few times and had so much fun. The D1 in Etown last may was way better than this event. D1 is a pro circuit but they always cater to the fans and always want to entertain. Look at that awesome Odaiba event! Formulda D on the other hand doesn't really think about the fans too much. Its all by the books and a strict competition. On top of that add horrible judging, annoying MC's, bad political decisions, cheesy stage acts, and the result is frustration/boredom. Contrary to what they may think, they are not the best in the world. They never mention D1 but they should remember if it wasnt for that series, Formula D wouldn't exist. Sorry turn this post to a D1 vs Formula D rant, ha im finished! Love the pics! thanks again


Well, I'm glad that TYLER McQUARRIE WON!!!! My boy Tyler!!!! Keep the train going, buddy!!!


Tanner Foust won the NJ event. McQuarrie got second. But he did drive F'n Awesome tho!


Tyler was doing so good! His drifting is so graceful in the porsche. Looks like he's on ice. Tanner was fantastic as well!


E-town is one of the best facilities around. I've been going to shows and racing my xB there for a few years now. Always top notch.

Just like before, these shots are sick and crisp.

Although this event was fun for me, it was not very well planned out. THe dowtime between runs and the lack of letting people know times really rubbed people wrong. During the runs everyone got hyped, then had to wait 5 minutes for the next run. I think it's becaus the east coast (especially NJ/NY) is used to the fast paced drag racing and road racing. I was peeved when i waited in line for the autograph session and when I was 2 people away from the start of the table, they took all the drivers away for the driver's meeting. I think that was rediculous, the drivers were there only 20 minutes or so. Very poor planning and very unthoughtful towards the fans. I did get to meet Joon and I was able to talak to him later quite extensively about his ride, very cool guy. I will definitely be back when Formula D comes back around. Just hope it comes together better.


Didn't you know that CWans car can float?

BTW.. CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism is great. Formula Drift has an open door policy so please let them know how you feel about the events. Write a letter, and email. They can only improve and make things better, not worse. They do take it seriously and they DO care about the fans.


Most fans and spectators at drift events don't get to see the behind the scenes drama unfolding in


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