Editorial>>upcoming June Features

As I write this posting, I'm looking out over a rather grey, cold and moody Vancouver and am having to remind myself that this is indeed June. It’s supposed to be summer time right? Time to get outside and DO things…. Well so I keep telling myself anyway but ATM the launch of the Speedhunters project has become an all consuming proposition. It’s a little hard to right now to pull myself away from the screens as we get the project into a good operating rhythm and plan our features and travel plans for the month ahead.

Speaking of plans, June is shaping up to be an exciting month for Speedhunters:

•    Next week I will be getting some AFK (Away From Keyboard) time and will be heading over to New Jersey to shoot some more HD car tours and slo-mo moment videos at the Englishtown Formula Drift event. I can't wait! I'll also endeavor to release a whole slew of HD videos in the next 2 weeks. Some of them can be seen in low rez form on our Streetfire and Youtube channels, but I'm sure some of you would prefer the full 720P versions no?
•    Antonio will also be in New Jersey with his fancy camera case shooting Formula Drift action…. Or should I say Umbrella Girls? He is also finishing up a slew of features from our UK trip this past April (Right Antonio?) BTW If you see us in New Jersey please do say hello!
•    Be on the lookout for extensive retrospective and behind the scenes coverage of the world's most famous endurance event: the 24H of Le Mans. Our resident photographic sensei: John Brooks is poised and ready with camera and pen (err keyboard).
•    Also this month we are going to investigate the relationship between JDM culture and American Muscle cars. Can these cars ever be considered part of "the culture"? Watch out for a series of features on past and present Formula Drift muscle cars.
•    Everyone’s favourite Auto-Otaku, Mike Garrett will have a very busy shooting schedule in Japan this month. He is planning to hit up a wide variety of Japanese events: Kazama Auto drift day at Nikko, Interclub historic racing at Tsukuba, FLUKE Drift Meet at Nikko, D1GP Tokyo Exhibition match and Trust Series Japanese drag racing event. Can't wait to see his stories from these events.
•    This month you can expect to see the high rez desktop functionality on the site go live. We know a lot of you have been asking for high rez photos and we'll finally be able to provide them.
•     And of course Jeroen, Andy and a new addition to the team, Mike Hayes will be trolling the web to find the most relevant car stories, features and events to keep you in the know!

Ok gotta get some caffeine in the blood here.. TTYS.

:Rod Chong