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You are looking at what has to be one of the most insane sports sedans ever, the Brabus Bullit Black Arrow (talk about a tounge twister). This new machine is based on the C-class Mercedes but, Brabus has pushed the standard C-class to a supercar level.

Thanks to its flat black paint job, the Bullit Black Arrow looks about as mean as a car can possibly look. Recently I have heard a lot of people call cars like this "murder style" or something. Am I the only one who thinks that sounds dumb? Whatever you call the style, it sure does look cool on the outside. But that's just the beginning.

The car is powered by a 6.3L bi-turbo V12 that is outputting 730hp and 974 foot pounds of torque. Brabus claims the car is capable of hitting 225mph! 0-100kph (62mph) takes just 3.9 seconds. You might call the car stealthy, but I'm not sure how stealthy you can be when traveling with that sort of velocity.

Of course the rest of the car has also been modified to handle all the power. The Bullit Black Arrow comes standard with height-adjustable coilover suspension and you can see the gigantic brake rotors beneath the 19" wheels. The car's carbon fiber body modifications are made to help keep the engine temps down while also providing aerodynamic stability.

All of the interior work on the car is handcrafted by the people at Brabus. Normally I'm not a big fan of this type of dash finish, but this car pulls it off very well. As you can see, the car is still equipped an automatic transmission but I know I wouldn't complain.

The price for all this madness? If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it. But I'll say it anyway…$542,000 USD.

An awesome car for sure, but that's a lot to pay for an extremely beefed up C-class. Would you buy this thing if you had the coin?


Autoblog: Brabus prices the Bullit Black Arrow

-Mike Garrett



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Ultimate sickness!

I guess it becomes your daily driver when you win the lottery and just need something practical instead of all those crazy supercars =)


NOT worth the money IMO....tons of other things I can find to do w/ $542k. I would launch my own rotary engineering shop with that type of money lol. Still a cool car though.


Yeah, totally not worth the power per dollar. I could tune a whole garage full of cars and enjoy myself for less.

Plus, wait when that car gets a scratch on it. I'd be having an heartattack if it was for a 550k plus car.

Oh, and insuring that car...forget it.


Yeah I would have to agree with you guys, waaaaaaaay too much money for a murdered out C class, but I suppose the person who shells out that kind of cash would either be a hardcore MB or Brabus fanatic or someone doin it for status


It is all a bit much but you know your ballin when you got 4 memory settings for the PASSENGER seat.


personally would spend that kinda money on it. id rather a buy a nissan GTR or a toyota 2000gt and spend the rest of the money traveling for a year doing w/e i wanted or like other start up my own speed shop and do what i love for a living


A "murdered out" car is non-descript. No badging, flat black paint of some sort, dark smoke to the lights (or painted over) etc. The term is from cars done up this way to do drive-by shootings, etc. It's a term taken mainstream with an altered meaning to just mean "flat black paint job"


Yes, I think "murder style" sound uber dumb. Just call it "stealth" is enough...

I think Skunk2 started this trend few years back with their Honda's and recently with their EVO time attack.

The Brabus does look good.....but for that money, I would rather buy a Ferrari F430 Scuderia, and dump the rest of the money in a


AFAIK the whole flat black thing actually came over to "modern" cars from the Rat Rod/Traditional/Kustom scene where the look of a formerly Work-in-Progress car wearing paint primer became the final look. From here the whole satin paint style started.

It jumped over to modern cars a few years ago.


Rod: Exactly.


thats a pretty mean getaway car.