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The VIP or Bippu trend is not really catching on in Europe, but there are tuners that fill the void in tuning big sedans and luxuries cars. Most of those tuners come from Germany, like Brabus, AMG and AC Schnitzer. The most popular car is the Mercedes, just like the car we see here. This car combines VIP and Euro tuning styles, and does it in a very good way if you ask me.

I really hope to see some really nicely build VIP cars in Europe, but I think it will take some years before we will see those car actually appearing on car shows.

The car we see here is a Mercedes Benz CLK W208, the first generation. It has a Brabus B9 engine that gives it around 240ps and a top speed of 246km/h.

The wheels and tires are as follows, front; 19×9.5 with a 2.5" lip and 225/35/19 tires, rear; 19×11,5 with a 4"lip and 245/35/19 tires.

And here some pics to keep Antonio happy ;)

I think that the end result looks very good and the overall style of the car is very well executed. For more info on everything Mercedes Benz; take a look on mymbonline.




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Very very very nice car! It's in Southern Cali too!


Perfect! Wheels, tires, stance, etc make for a nicely executed product.

Also: No need to associate everything with VIP(Especially "bippu", as there is no such word).


These cars are the poor man's mercedes in Holland, but when I see examples like this one I know there is a future :) It's all down to the right wheel choice and the details


Very nice indeed! There are two colors that always look good on any German car: black and silver.


Yeah, I'm not quite sure about the "bippu" title either but nice car none the less!


Of course it's VIP. If this car was featured 3 years ago it would have been called "drift." I wonder what the same car will be called 2 years from now when VIP isn't such a buzzword anymore.


I agree with Prashant and S30ZK. Oh and BTW for future reference, I effin hate the word "Bippu." Sorry Jeroen, I should have msged you before it published, I didn't notice it.

Just like when people say, "hey man, you wanna go toe-gay our cars tonight?" (touge) Don't make me roll my eyes.

Nice Benzo though!


Way to go SaM!


yeeaaa boooy!!!


Congrats Sam!


YEAHH!! lookin good sam!!


Props to Sam and his ultra sweet CLK!!!


Car is DOPE


Amazing car! ;)


Congrats mayne!! Car is looking sweeet as always


sam's killin them! great job bro...


I like how you didn't get permission from the owner of the car to write an article about it.


NVM, dude's not tripping about it, I like your articles, but you should try to get permission before writing an article about someone's car, somebody on Club Lexus almost sued somebody for posting up pictures of his car without permission.


Werd .. that shit is gangsta ! love the set up bro


Very, very nice car. Truly enjoyed it's styling. What type of Brabus rims are those?

D Johnson


Sam's car is a sick Euro, no doubt there. And as the others have pressed..beepoo is not a word. It's vip (as in sounds like whip) in case you just weren't aware and although his car is sweet, should not be associated with it unless to call it inspired. On a side note..what up Antonio, it's Mike from Grip.


nice bippu..conti car with bippu touch's tune in japan by the way..


myMBonline reprezent!


SIIIIIIIIIIIICK and congrats S dizzy!


Hallo. Nur mal so zwischendurch;) Habe beim stöbern Diesen schönen CLK gefunden und wollte ihn euch nicht vorenthalten. Habt auch ein paar sehenswerte CLK´s,dann her damit!