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Walking through the paddock at the Time Attack UK event, I just couldn’t help but notice this Evo. Even sitting in the pit area, it just stood out from the other cars in terms of its style and build quality. This is a 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 GT, owned by privateer Lee Broadhurst. After talking to the owner, I found out that this car is actually the top privateer-owned car in the Time Attack Pro class, and is ranked at 6th place overall.

On the outside, the car is covered in carbon fiber, which looks extremely cool against the car’s black paint. Notice the Voltex wide body flares, Seibon carbon fiber doors, front canard wings, bonnet… err… hood, and bootlid (we Americans refer to this as the trunk), and a Test&Service front bumper, side skirts, and carbon fiber rear GT wing.

Check out the brakes peeking out from behind the wheels – in the front, the Evo 9 runs a combination of Ferodo DS3000 brake pads with AP Racing 6-pot brake calipers, and AP Racing 4-pot calipers in the rear.

In case you couldn’t tell just by looking at the light gold colored wheels, the car sits on very nice 18×10 Advan Racing RGII wheels, with massively meaty 265/35/R18 Toyo R888 tires.

I think this Evo 9’s engine bay looks super cool! Just by looking at the camber plates, you’ll notice the Tein Super Racing coilovers and 3-point Cusco OS style strut bar, but the real gem is the 2.3 liter NR Autosport 4G63 race engine, which produces 752bhp and 660ft/lbs of torque!

Check out some of the specs:

NR Autosport race breather system
JE pistons
Crower conrods
NR baffled sump
HKS Kansai Service inlet manifold
Q45 90mm throttle body
APS intercooler

SARD 1000cc injectors
SARD fuel rail & fuel pressure regulator

NR spec large core radiator
NR 4″ inlet
NR 3.5″ stainless exhaust system
NR/ND GT4088 turbo kit
carbon fiber propeller shaft
Ikeya sequential shifter
Glebe dog box transmission
Exedy comp-r twin plate clutch
Evo 9 GT rear diff

From this photo, you can notice the widebody fenders, Rexspeed aero mirrors, and top quality lexan windows, which have a very cool sliding window track built into them.

Steering wheel is a standard style Sparco suede 350mm with hub, but look past that, and you’ll notice the top quality dashboard wrap, which prevents the driver from being bothered by light glaring from the sun. Super cool, and super high quality workmanship. I loved this detail when I saw it!

You can also notice the Ikeya Formula sequential transmission sitting right there, very nice…

See? Isn’t that “felt” dashboard wrap cool? I think so! I’m also a fan of this AIM digital dashboard with carbon fiber surrounds to match the car’s exterior – the Evo 9 has also been upgraded with an NR Autosports lightweight wiring loom, an Autronic SM4 engine management system and a M&W Pro 12 CDI unit. The digital dash might have been a little dusty, but hey, it’s a race car, not a show car. Get over it.

I absolutely loved this NR/Rollcentre customized rollcage, which was FIA approved. Look at the build quality of this bolt-on cage! Hmm… I wonder if those guys could make a cage for my car… I absolutely love the quality and fitment of this cage. It fits very tightly in the car, and is welded very nicely. I love it.

Upon further inspection, you will also notice the Zero 2000 fire system, and the Corbeau Revenge carbon kevlar seats – those are the coolest looking Corbeau seats I’ve ever seen in my life.

Check it out –

I know I will! I like the functionality of how the 3-inch wide seatbelt harnesses have been properly tied down to the built-in harness bar on the roll cage, and the aluminum sheets covering the rear interior are certainly a nice touch as well. Excellent build quality on this car.

In the trunk, you’ll notice the custom made aluminum subwoofer box, with the custom mounted subwoofer mounted up top, and capacitors custom mounted in the spare tire well, with huge gauge Monster cable used all throughout.

Just kidding. It’s an NR spec PT500 fuel tank, with fuel filters and fuel pumps mounted in the boot. Err… trunk.

Donington Park is huge. And as I drove my golf cart all the way around the track to snap this photo of the Evo negotiating the Craner Curves on the back section of the track, I experienced a hot sunny day, freezing hurricane winds, a hailstorm, snow, and rain. All in the same 1.5 hour period. Crazy!

Lee Broadhurst’s Time Attack Evo certainly looks cool from the exterior! I like the subtle details, like the rear towhook and MR roof diffusers, and of course the widebody fenders look cool on the car as well. All in all, I think this was my favorite car in the Time Attack UK series! What do you guys think of it?

-Antonio Alvendia

Time Attack UK



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Very impressice clean engine bay for this all go EVO


Take a look at that crazy exhaust manifold design!

I like this car. Functional, but simple. Amazing use of technology for a privateer car too.


Wow! I love it. So complex yet so simple looking!


subwoofer, what?


The dash isn't wrapped with anything. It is "flocked" (google it). Typical for most rally and race cars.

Really, really awsome EVO.


Thanks Ole-M. All I know is that dash looks pretty awesome, sorry I flocked up the description. We're here at Formula D New Jersey in the hotel lobby, and everyone is drinking and making lots of noise, pretty fun!


Ok...I will be the first one to talk smack about this

1. The chassis doesn't look stich-welded (or spot welded).

2. The cage is not welded in. It's bolted in, meaning, it flexes (minimally) but it does flex compare to a weld-in cage.

3. The chassis still has sound-deadening material still glued-in.

4. The driver side floor panel has carpet....WTF ???? It's a race car, not a Rolls Royce.

5. The rear towers miss the Cusco tower strut (it's bolted in the front, why not in the rear?).

6 A true time attack car races with one seat only (the driver's).....extra seat = more weight; more weight = slower lap-time.

7. A true-time attack car NEEDS air jacks. This car doesn't have them.

Other than that, what's been done to the car (besides the cage)'s top notch......


Wow. Super-stylish time attacker.


Alex, I honestly don't understand your criticisms of this car, because I think it's awesome. Makes me wonder if the people who criticize top notch cars (it's top quality in my opinion) so nitpickingly have top quality cars themselves. I'm not necessarily directing that statement to you, but I'm just saying... in general. I guess all the time attack cars out there hitting Tsukuba and California Speedway and Donington Park aren't true time attack cars since many of them don't have air jacks. Why do you think you NEED air jacks? I just dont get your reasoning...?

Also, the cage is one of the items that I like MOST about this car. I think it's super top notch.


I think my criticisms were constructive.

I did not mean to offend the owner of the EVO nor knocking at the amazing work that went thru. (I think I stated that I do appreciate the work that went thru)....but felt that there is a lot of room for improvement.

With that said, yes, I am building something more meticulous that this EVO. I can't quite tell yet, what is it, but I would be more than glad to share some tease pics.

If you're interested, I will send you my flickr account, so you can see for yourself. Again, no offense intended.

I am glad you have your opinion about the cage. and I would rather you keep your opinion and not change it because of my comment. That's why this site is so awesome.

I, on the other hand, never liked those show-off Cusco-like bolt on cages because they don't provide much protection. Or I should say, adequate protection when comparing to a weld-in roll cage.

Weld in roll cage are FAR superior because they are specifically taylored to a specific car. To me, bolt-in roll care are for the weekend warrior, so to speak, which is ok if you're one of them. But if you have a full blown race car like this EVO, bolt-in cages are a "nah'' to me.

As far as airjacks, besides the ''cool'' factors, that also tells you that the owner (company) that owns the car is DEAD serious about winning. It's a phylosophy more than anything. Air jacks allow you to cut down pit-stop time and replace tires, adjust camber angle, toe's, casters and the like in no time....

That's what I think.

Again. I didn't intend to knock on the EVO/ owner per se.....but.....I would have approach the built-up process a bit different.


looks great.


Whatup Alex!

I'd love to see your project man, send me ur account privately! Oh yeah... but I dunno if you've ever been to a Time Attack UK event, but they have a rather long break in between run sessions, it's not a Le Mans 24H type setup. If it was, then of course air jacks make more sense.... but I dont honestly think it's necessary for the event format this car competes in. Also, with the $$$$ that one would need to spend on air jacks, he could spend it more wisely on other aspects of performance. (He's a privateer, paying for this stuff btw)

I do agree about welded roll cages, but the owner of this car COULD have done a welded cage. This Rollcentre cage was customized for his car... so of course he could have done a custom welded cage, but for some reason he chose the boltin style, and i think it looks dope. you're absolutely right that welded cages are safer, etc... but it's just not for everyone.

AND... dude, he's the top privateer in his class! ok off to NYC now...


Yes, I've been to UK, but never Silverstone unfortunately, so I should shut my

Anyway....I'm a privateer paying from my own pocket too......

The car I'm building is partially handle by the folks at Black Trax,.......I'm pretty sure you know Jei and Aki (or heard of 'em before), and the EMS was tweaked and tuned by Barry (Drift Battle organizer).

Anyway, here is my email address:, I hope I'll hear from you, so you can check the project yourself.....thanks for your time Antonio.

Oh BTW, should do a feature on the Norris EVO (the one chopped in a half with the green paint....ah ah ah)....that's a really nice time attack too.



Antonio is 100% correct.

Air jacks are idiotic for a time attack car. Think about it. Pit stops? This isn't the the 24 hr of Le Mans. This isn't evne the 24 minutes of Le Mans. One flying lap and done. This is the ultimate sprint race. If you need to pit - consider your time trial over. Save the weight and leave the bling jacks at home. I agree on the passenger seat, take it out and save 40lbs. But, wanna take an instructor out for a lap, he's gunna need a chair. This might be what the owner was thinking here. Fantastic build quality - i guarantee the owner is pricing out a custom weld in cage. Bolt in's are not the safest technology you can use.


Passenger seat is a REQUIREMENT for the 2008 Time Attack rules and regs.


Handling the car bench itself can additionally advance to injury. aback installing or removing the seat, be abiding to lift it with both hands. You may acquisition additionally it easier to install the bench from central your vehicle, rather than aptitude