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I have seen a lot of different drift cars in the states and Japan, but nothing could prepare me for the craziness that is “Mad Mike” Whiddett’s FD RX7. While Mad Mike normally can be seen competing in New Zealand’s drift events, us Americans got the treat of seeing him in action last year during the D1 World All Star match at Irwindale Speedway. If you happened to be at the event, you probably remember this car. If you can’t remember the car, I’m sure you remember the sound it made. Quite simply, this is one of the most insane sounding machines I have ever heard, drift car or otherwise. Mad Mike has actually been quite the world traveler recently. Besides appearing at D1 in the states, he also drove in April’s Formula D special round in Singapore. I think him and his car are on a mission to take over the world.

Really low, really wide, and really loud. These are words that perfectly describe Mad Mike’s FD. While camo style graphics are nothing new, this car really pulls of the look well with its black and gray digital camo.

Here is the heart of the operation, and the reason for that wild sound. While most built RX7’s are sporting big power turbo rotaries (or V8 swaps), Mad MIke’s car is powered by a heavily modified NA short crank 3-rotor engine. Among the engine’s numerous modifications are a peripheral port, hi comp RX8 rotors, and a handmade intake manifold and fuel rail. The exhaust system is also handmade for this application. Mad Mike says his goal was to make the car “blast ear drums”. When everything is said and done, this set up is good for 384hp at the rear wheels. Obviously, there are years of experience behind this build. This FD is the 26th rotary-powered vehicle that Mad Mike has owned!

A look inside reveals a fully stripped race car-spec interior. The dash and door skins are custom pieces made from alloy metal and a 6-point cage helps to keep the car safe. The buckets and steering wheel are both from Sparco and you can also see the handle for the car’s D2 hydraulic E-brake system.

Back outside, you get a look at the massive lip on the wheels. These particular wheels are the classic Work Equip sized 18″x11″ in the front and 18″x12″ in the rear. You know you are hardcore when you are running an 11″ wide wheel in the front. The car’s mega aggressive stance is achieved via a set of TEIN Super Drift coilovers which are controlled by one of TEIN’s EDFC units.

“Width” is the only word that comes to mind when looking at the car from the rear. The aero kit on this car the complete wide body blister kit from BN Sports in Japan. BN makes some of the coolest aero around as is a popular choice among D1 drivers. Like most pro drift cars, it is also sporting a large GT wing.

When in action, the car looks absolutely spectacular. Combined with the exhaust sound, it’s enough to overwhelm the senses of any spectator.

If you haven’t had a chance to see Mad Mike’s brand of drifting craziness in person, you had better plan a trip to New Zealand to see it for yourself. OR you can hope that Mad Mike makes a stop in your area on one of his world journeys.

Mad Mike Official Site

-Mike Garrett



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I need to make a film about this car! Mad Mike get in contact!


Sickest Drifting FD...Wow...


Great opening photo Mike. Looks like it was shot at D1 Irwindale, from the center media pit, aiming back towards the advertising wall lining the dragstrip and the rock quarry behind the track. Am I right?

I think that's the only place where one could shoot the car at that speed, with the wheels turned at that angle. Yes?

BTW: I love Mad Mike's FD! Tight!


I saw this car in the pits...But i couldn't believe my eyes when it was drifting. I still have the footage from the event...gotta check the archives..


Actually I think that one was shot from the diagonal barrier near the starting line looking towards the "S" section. Kinda hard to describe in words. Looking at that pic again, I remember just how loud the crazy thing was. haha


Nevermind, for some reason I thought you were talking about the last photo! My reading comprehension is not good this late at night.


Mad Mike: Your website is tits up.


Love that car :D


..."blast ear drums"... Absolutely not joking around. When this car rips past you at full pitch you'll scurry away for ear plugs. Sweet ride.





13 bad some special treats added..insane it.





16 I've seen this car at Taupo and it really is unforgetable awesome noise and awesome drift.


awesome car, very approachable guy aswell, have seen this car at various tracks including Slipway Drift Facility here in Wellington, New Zealand, mean


If you are even somewhat familiar with the international drift scene, then you probably know about Mad


phat bro rember shift 47 cr 125 big day out


Hi Mad frm singapore n i've created an rc drift version of ur DC camo Rx-7..but itz not really a full version yet..but go try n hav a look in n go under pictures..i put the thread titles as "Mad Mike Mystique"..itz ur fan bro..goodluck!!


West Side Mangapoike Repz


pixelated camo-why does it look so damn cool in black/grey and white.Is this all done in stages? There are now some east european aircraft sporting this style!