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Here we are with another JDM shop tour courtesy of Alex, who is a Speedhunters reader. This past winter, Alex took a trip to Osaka and stopped by the J’s Racing shop to have a look at their digs and snap some photos. Even if you aren’t into Hondas, I’m sure you have seen J’s Racing cars on Hot Version videos or in other tuning media. In fact, you can see a Hot Version movie playing on the TV in the photo above.

Chances are if Honda has made it, J’s has tuned it. They have built crazy examples of everything from the Fit to the S2000.

Anyways, here a few of the photos that Alex was nice enough to provide for us.

Here is an FD2 Civic Type R tuned by J’s. One of J’s Racing’s latest ventures has been campaigning an FD2 in the Super Taikyu series.

Here we see an S2000 undergoing some work. Check the custom roll cage.

J’s Racing Crux coilovers. Hardcore stuff.

Just a few of the trophies the J’s Racing team has won over the years.

Here’s the K-series-powered Fit time attack car that I recently wrote a feature about.

J’s brake kit sitting behind a Volk CE28N wheel.

The fully tuned S2000 that was on display at Tokyo Auto Salon. Like all J’s Racing cars, the valve cover is painted in the signature turquoise color.

Check out Alex’ Flickr for more photos.

Flickr: J’s Racing Shop Photos

J’s Racing

-Mike Garrett



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Mmmm... J's Racing Goodness.

Now someone take pictures of Powerhouse Amuse for me. ;)



lol very nice, Id love to see stuff from Amuse, MCR, JUN or Top Secret


Alex Booty with the Mexican Taco Truck right?


Thanks Mike for posting up the pics and share it with others. (yes Al, actually no ! The tattoo is not

I's love to go to Japan (maybe in September-October)....if I'll, I'm make sure to snap some pics at Top Secret, and JunAuto.


Ooooo... I wanna be in the land of JDM for Auto-salon this coming year! J's and Powerhouse Amuse would be two shops on my must visit list. Right behind going to Spoon to drool over Ichishima-san's creations. Did I mention that I'd love to just make the airfare 1 way. :)


One way is definitely