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Before Drift Alliance had Ryan "Hampshaa," they had Ryan Hampton. As an original member of the Drift Alliance crew, Hampy always stood apart from the other DA guys (to me at least), because even though he may have had the same type of rock n roll style as the others, he didn't quite have the same type of "bad boy image" that the others projected… well, not that he didn't try!!! **cough…cough…Formula D Houston** (anyone who stayed at our hotel knows what I'm talking about) It's just that Hampy always had a big silly grin on his face, and was always cheerful, peppy and in a good mood! Super friendly guy – maybe too friendly to project a "bad boy look." Sorry Hampy, but it's true.

Another thing that's true… I love the classic and stylish "final evolution" of the Blacktop Rodeo Enterprises 1969 Camaro that Hampy used in Formula D competition in 2006. The above photo was from my massive archive of Formula Drift photos – it was taken at the 2006 Formula D Round 4 at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma CA.

I'll be completely honest – I couldn't stand the way the car looked in its first graphic scheme when it debuted, which is the signature teal and blue scallop design that you see on all the Falken cars currently (IMHO, I think it ruined the muscular body lines of the Camaro, because of the import car style paint job). However, I absolutely love the way it looks in the photo above!

It still retains the same signature Falken scallops, but it's more "American muscle" style, with the muted color combo, and the pinstriped sides. Whoever designed that last paint scheme, great job! (I was complaining to Brendan Shannon from Blacktop Rodeo about having their "new car paint scheme on an old car" back when this Camaro was still teal and blue, but I guess he needed to paint it those colors to fulfill sponsorship obligations, since they had full tire support from Falken.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with me? I think this black and blue paint scheme is the best one the car has ever had! It combines old and new in a tasteful manner!

Some of the Speedhunters readers may not be into classic American muscle cars. But what if they're drifting? What do you guys think? I think it looks cool as hell! It has the vintage "Trans Am" look, but in the drifting scene! Cool!

Here's the same Camaro, just 2 months prior, at the 2006 Formula D in Atlanta. In this photo, Hampton is entering the horseshoe area of the track. This car was always hard for him to drive, because even though it had a ton of horsepower, the car was so heavy, and therefore difficult to transition. The suspension wasn't quite set up perfectly from the beginning. I wonder if this car could have been more competitive if it were made lighter somehow, and used a lighter engine? (Just to clarify, I'm not talking about putting an S2000 engine in there… I was thinking possibly something along the lines of a modern aluminum V8 engine?)

Either way, I thought it was super cool to see a classic bodied American muscle car like this 69 Camaro out there drifting! I'd love to see more American musclecars like this at drift events, and would also love to see Hampy out at the track with us again!

So what do you guys think about having more muscle cars enter the drifting scene? And what about the looks of the cars?

-Antonio Alvendia

Blacktop Rodeo Enterprises

Blacktop Rodeo Camaro Video!



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I wasn't a fan of this particular car.....for drifting that is. But I love and respect the car in its normal Muscle car aspect. HA! I daily drive a 96 Chevy Impala SS. (been taking the bus lately due to gas prices) I LOVE MY MUSCLE! Of course it would be nice see more American Muscle in the Drifting scene... but with true taste. Perfect Examples....Rhys's GTO, JR's Mustang, and..well, you all know what I'm talking about. Hey GM's closing 4 SUV plants and selling off the Hummer.....Maybe they can invest more into the scene with that extra money!


I think it is awesome that at 69 Camaro is using Tein suspension bits! Isn't Rob Dyrdek supporting/driving a Rogue Status drift camaro? I think having more muscle cars in drift is awesome because it is assimilating a Japanese event with American muscle. Love the paint job too.


BTW, would you say that it has a splitter in the front or is there another term for it?


I would call it a front wing spoiler


I saw this at FD two years ago, and you're neglecting the most awesome aspect of it, the sound.

Holy shit, does it sound awesome. I recall it being louder than Gittin's mustang and made the ground shake under your feet.


yeah, Hampy's 69 Camaro absolutely WAS loud, but it doesnt faze me anymore, because Conrad Grunewald's red Corvette is louder than any other car in the FD series, I think. Seriously, my ears hurt like hell when he passes me. Mad Mike's RX7, same thing.

Both are louder than the 69 Camaro, I think I just got used to it.

BTW, I would call the wing in front a "front chin spoiler." Okay ttyl guys, need to go to the store and buy Dayquil so I can feel better before we get to FD NJ!


Hell ya inertiaticism I'm with you. I was at this very event 2 years ago and the sound coming out of this car made Gittin in his Mustang, Millen in his GTO, and even Hubinette in his Viper sound like little pussy cars.




Yes, bring more muscle, especially Trans Am stuff.

Also, there is a high tech muscle scene called "Pro-Touring" style. check it out at Awesome project cars! It's big power, low stance, good suspension tuning, most of it very one off or custom stuff. A lot of the builds are high dollar, but amazing. Here is a link to the project thread:



Maybe we will bring her back out one day......


whats with the flat black? wasn't it blue at some point?


I compare this mindset to drifting an under-powered car such as an eight-six....It takes a lot of skill to keep an underpowered car in drift.....It also takes alot of skill to keep a forty year old heavy weight sideways as well!! Ryan did an awesome job in the six-nine!!! He is missed :( And what a nice guy!


if there's anything i remember about this car its that it was the loudest thing I EVER heard.. i pitted next to him one time and i couldn't hear anything for a week and a half afterwards

badass car though, loved seeing it drive


Yup... if I remember correctly, when this Camaro first came out (Falken test day California Speedway), it was flat primer gray, then it was painted with the teal and blue scallops for the first year of its Formula D competition (i always hated the way it looked with that paint job), then it was repainted in flat black for Formula D Atlanta (2006?) much to the surprise of the Falken management, haha... then it returned with the super awesome black n blue paint job at Formula D Sonoma! I would LOVE to see some more "vintage styled" muscle cars out there drifting! awesome! i totally LOVE the trans am look!


Not only is the car cool, but it also has to be one of the oldest cars ever to be compete in pro drifting.


Yeah, quite cool. I quite like vintage American muscle (especially the '69 Charger), but I think that they aren't that thing for drifting... it's like a clash of cultures...

I think all their coolness is about the fact that even ultra-primitive technology can kick ass... and all that power, incredible sound and that supercool styling... I mean, a Pro-Tourer-style Camaro would be one of my dream cars....

Hm, make it lighter? Maybe a carbon ladder frame? :-D




I kept and archive on the car, posted up here:

Glad to see that it has not yet been forgotten. I need to dig though all my old footage and put together a video of the full life of the car.

The original engine was an iron block 468 with a massive amounts of compression, this was actually replaced for D1GP Las Vegas by an all aluminum small block, but the smaller engine has some valvtrain issues.

I still think that the car could work, it actually had a decent weight distribution, but the Race Team behind the car really struggled to get the steering and front suspension sorted out. This was before most teams were renting track days to shake down cars, most of the work was done at actual events, which is no easy way to develop a 100% new chassis.


Linked here from the Gittin feature. I remember reading this article when it was first posted. I love muscle cars and I love drifting and that made Ryan my hero. This car was awesome and I'd love to see something a bit more old school swinging with the big boys on the pro circuits again. That's why I was ecstatic when the RTR-X was announced, I wanted more than anything for it to be Vaughn's new competition car! Ryan fell off the face of the earth a few years ago and drift events have never quite been the same for me.


I definitely like classic muscle cars drifting! They have a ton of torque and big tires so I don't see why they wouldn't be good at drifting! I'd like to see Ryan Hampton back too. I never got to experience seeing that monster drift.