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If you are going to be in SoCal NEXT (June 28-29) weekend and want to see some of the best drifting action ever, be sure to head out to WIllow Springs International Raceway to check out the Ziptied All Star Bash Part 4. From what I hear, the event is going to be epic. I wish I could be there again! I took this photo during last summer's original ZT All Star Bash. Broken aero parts are a common sight at All Star Bash events.

-Mike Garrett



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When I see busted up drift cars, part of me says "Nooooooooooooo, that car was soooo cool!" and the other part of me says, "Heck yeahhhhhhhhh, they are meant to be driven!" Cool shot! Reminds me of home. I grew up about 15 minutes over that hill right there. T-town baby!


JUNE 28 and 29

Please everybody come to the event.

Mike was there for the last 2, but I think he might not be able to make it this time.... you know...... because he is on another continent.

Hey Antonio, you comin out?


What up Brian! Yeah man, I'll see you on the 28th! Damn, I thought it was this weekend... good thing you posted the actual dates!


hey, from what I hear, you need to sign up for media pass or something.

I think it is on the justdrift website.

Willow is cracking down on media and people being on the hot track area due to recent "situations" that happened because of STUPID drivers.


ah if this was open to the public i'd be there in a heart beat. i only live the next town over from willowsprings. yeah i think you need a media pass. damn.


You can come and watch of course.

It will be worth it.


ridgezero, you should totally go and watch.

brian: good looking out man, i'll contact charlie.


oh good to know i can come spectate. thanx for the info brian and antonio. I might as well bring some friends along to. good lookin out!