Check out this promotional video for the VW Scirocco GT24 that was campaigned in the 24h of Nurburgring last weekend. All three of the Scirocco entries in the race performed very well and it looks like this new car is the real deal. We aren’t quite sure about the music choice in the video, but the cars sure are awesome.

Found via German Car Blog

-Mike Garrett



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are the scirocco FR or FF setups? was thinkin it might look cool if someone ned it into a european born drift platform


The Scirocco should be equipped with the 4 Motion system, someone corrects me if I'm wrong.

I really dig the race version with wide fenders. Definitely a nice car, but I also read somewhere that it won't make it to the States, anyone ?


pretty sure this is an FF set up. Its basically a wider and lower Golf GTi and its not coming to the US, according to This car looks awesome, much better than the Golf imo. They should do an R32 version with awd. Love that they raced it and its not even out yet. Great way to sell cars. I wish motorsports was like that in the USA. Well, it used to be, it was called NASCAR. That went to crap about 10 years after it started. Oh well. I do like the World Speed Challenge cars and touring cars. But compared to DTM or JGTC, its weak here still. I wish road racing was a "cool" as drifting is.