Video>>car Tour #3: Chris Rado Scion Tc

Chris Rado is one of those individuals you only meet very rarely in life who appear to have enough energy and charisma to fuel a small army. The guy has extra batteries you know? Well, at any rate he's putting this energy to good use and is funneling it into his various drag, time attack and show car projects like this 500bhp Scion TC Time Attack monster. You'll get a peak into his crazy world when we publish his first blog entry this week.

We hooked up with him at the windy and HOT (it was something like 115F) Willow Springs Raceway in California to shoot this film. Let us know what you think!

I'm still trying to grow some sideburns……

:Rod Chong

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I'm diggin his style. Quick, Clean, Black.

Black car + Black wheels with chrome lip = Sex


I am enjoying the videopost here on Speedhunters but i want more! a bit more in depth,racing with in car cam, engine noise! im sure its comming so keep going guys this is my new favourite auto blog! :)