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Now that we have had a look at the Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show itself, let's take a look at some of the cars that could be found in the halls of the Tokyo Big Sight. After all, cars ARE the reason people go to car shows right?

When it comes to the classic car scene in Japan, Nissan is king. Sure there are plenty of restored and modified cars from Toyota, Mazda, and others, but the their following is small compared with that of Nissan. Among the Nissan guys, the most popular models are the "Hakosuka" and "Kenmeri" Skylines, as well as the san maru Fairlady Z (Datsun 240Z in the states). I would say that about 80% of the Japanese cars at the show were Nissan's.

Rocky Auto, the famous shop from the Nagoya area had the largest display area at the show by far, it took almost a quarter of the entire show space. Rocky Auto is the king of swapping late model engines into classic Nissan's, and they brought several hot rodded Z's and Skylines to woo the crowds.

This yellow S30Z from Rocky Auto looks fairly standard on the outside. The ZG fender flares and RS Watanabe wheels are extremely common on this type of car. I do think this thing sits up a little too high though. Another inch or two of lowering would make a big difference in the car's overall appearance.

Under the hood you can see Rocky Auto's magic at work. That is a "mecha-tuned" naturally aspirated RB26 engine fed by a set of individual throttle bodies. While a turbocharged RB will make more power, the NA set up helps to preserve the character and response of the original car.

Another monster Z built by Rocky Auto. What's that under the hood? Just another RB26 swap. This one retained the factory twin turbo system though.

Some more love for my favorite Hakosuka. This thing is packing an naturally aspirated RB20DE with a set of Solex 44 carbs. Adding to stance are 15"x9" front and 15"x10" rear RS Watanabe's. Also note how the rear bumper is removed to add to the "works" look.

Speaking of the "works" look. Here is the Hakosuka GT-R from Shiraishi Engineering. This car sees a lot of action at track events and was sporting plenty of battle damage to prove it. In the Shiraishi display there was a plasma TV playing some in-car race footage from this car. Just the sound from the video enough to draw everyone to the booth.

This Nissan Bluebird (AKA Datsun 510) was rocking ITB SR20DE power. This car is part of the "Datsun Bros" fellowship.

Everyone loves Z's with fender flares, but I think this car from Biko Works shows that S30's can still look really good even with stock fenders. The fender-mounted mirrors are another one of the defining details of vintage JDM cars.

Another buff-looking Hakosuka. This one is from the shop R Heroes, which is also located in the Nagoya area. Those are some interesting vents on the front fenders.

Why not wrap up with something other than a Nissan? This was the same 2000GT that was running at the Tsukuba OLD/NOW festival a few weeks back. The two tone racing livery was looking as sexy as ever.

Have a look at these links for more on the cars of the Tokyo Nostalgic Show.

Rocky Auto Official Site

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the red Z is off the hook

twin turbo RB, must haul serious ass


i agree, nice to see biko's white san maru sans flares

one thing the jdm aftermarket needs to start repro'ing parts for skylines, z's and 510's

nissan isn't really doing that anymore

plenty of aftermarket support for performance, but hardly any for restoration


Cheers all,

I spend a month in Okazaki a couple of years back. Okazaki is the city where Rocky Auto is located. Here are some pics I shot over there, enjoy:


i don't know how , but I must own a 2000GT. But pretty much anything from Rocky Auto is don't see anything like this where I am...italy...just beat up Fiat Pandas and 80's hacks with silly spoilers.