Photo Roll>> Some More Nurburgring 24h Photos

Things didn't look very good for the pole sitting Manthey Racing Porsche at the start of the Nurburgring 24H. As the green flag fell the car started to belch huges amount of steam and had to immediately dive for the pits for repairs to its cooling system. Shambles! Not a great way to start a 24h race.

So it’s quite the feat they were able to fight back to take the win. Congrats to them!

BTW the above photo is incredible don't you think? Looks like a rendering.

The BMW Z4 of Claudia Hürtgen did lead for some laps but crashed during the night. Nice meaty looking car. I'd love to see a full pro drift spec version of this machine.

Its a bit of a tradition now for fans to graffiti the Nordschleife with messages for their favourite drivers. This was an inspiration for some of the track styling in NFS Pro Street BTW. We did plenty of painting on the racing surfaces to give a gritty feel to the racing environments.

Look at that shot…yummy. This is the Carlos Sainz car. Antonio don't be upset he isn't in a Toyota!

The finish. Note the Lexus LFA in the shot. I'll look around the net to see if I can't find some more images of this car.

Photo Source: ADAC



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Is that first pic available anywhere in a bigger size, it would make and awesome wallpaper


hmmm haven't seen it in large format anywhere other than for Press usage.


Bugger, cheers for the reply


Bugger, cheers for the reply


Love the fact that the Lexus' finished a 24hour rece at the Nürburgring before the release.

BTW. You guys should tune in to Radio Le Mans for these endurance races. They broadcast video and audio live.

Oh... And that pic of the Manthey Porsche is awsome!


Ahh we know John well. Worked with him on NFS Pro Street :>

I didn't clock that Radio Le Mans was broadcasting from the race though until it was over. Have been looking at the German broadcasts though. Such a mad race!

Will need to try and get there next year.


That first pic look like a screen shot from gran turismo :P


Yeah, at first time i though its Gran Turismo. :)


Oh man, that first shot is gorgeous



This is a really nice site

Manthey Racing Porsche looks awesome I agree with all the other comments about it aswell

If you do find it 1680X1050 pixels would be nice