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On Friday evening myself and Speedhunters photographer Jim Hejl managed to pull outselves away from the NFS offices to check out at the setup day at the Driven to Perform car show. Organizer Jason Tse was kind enough to walk us around the floor at BC Place Stadium, introducing us to the various car owners as they polished and prepped their cars up for Saturday's show.

I'm quite stoked about Jim's photography BTW. This is the first project we've done with him and I'm rather ecstatic with the results. He has "The Eye" IMO.

There were some fantastic VIP Style (Jason from Driven to Perform prefers the term Bippu) cars rolling into the show as we wandered about. Will show more of this in a later post.

Cars pulling into the stadium.

Beautiful FD.

Classic Mazda joy.

Hybrid R EvoX

Nice wide body S2000.

BC Place stadium is a rather massive volume of space.

Most of the cars hadn't arrived when this photo was taken. It will be jammed to the rafters come show time.

Note the badge on this Z33. 420TT: gives a hint as to its internals.


I'm well pleased with the quality of some of the VIP Style cars at the show. Seems like there are some real devotes in Vancouver.

This monster track spec AE86 was coming through the airlocks as we were leaving.

More to follow.


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i was there man, best show eva.....vancity!


I was there watching over the hybridR car and their models haha... cars were nice.


Wow! I had no idea the scene was like that...Nice pics Rod!


That Z33 looks great. Would love to see what under the hood.


the yellow FD looks like a toy, doesn't it?


yea, some of these shots look like really detailed, shiny plastic model cars...


Trick lens


more on the z33


That Z is amazing, one of my all time favorites!

jtuned.com did a feature on the "420TT" here: http://www.jtuned.com/content/templates/statics.aspx?articleid=623&zoneid=2

And Nissan Sport magazine(here in the US) had a huge spread on the car as well, but don't have it online. Looks like you can back order it here:



what did you think of my friends PT Cruiser? it was the world's fastest and quickest with his old setup. The new setup is almost double the power. lol. It should be a fun beast.


Loved the photos!


WOW - that picture of the rx7 doesn't look real. honestly, it looks like a really good model.

Thanks for the link on the 420. That thing is sick. I'm looking forward to the feature on it. (How much cash went into that thing? I've never seen anything like it...)


Here is some more info on Dave Foth's Drift Yaris


Very cool car, saw it Thursday when he was getting it ready for the show.


The rx7 is legit, saw it with my own eyes. I couldn't stop looking at it, my glues were like permanently glued to the FD. There was a red 240z tooo which was amazing


BIG UPS to Jason, Wally, and the DRIVEN TO PERFORM crew!!! DTP has Canada on lock!

Great job representing Vancouver, guys!!!

I think that yellow FD looks awesome, would love to see it in person sometime!

I LOVE the wheels and aero on the black Z33, that thing is sick!

I'm glad to see 86ers representing in Van! But I wish the AE86 guy would remove those PIAA foglights from the front bumper (maybe change them to an older looking style). And the TRD emblem and the license plate from the Goodline style bumper. And the gauge on the hood. And...


Hey -

Thanks to Rod, Jason, and the rest of the DTP staff. I had a great time shooting this thing. This was my first gig with speedhunters, so HELLO to everyone. I'll be around --




Ahh Antonio that black AE86 is far from "traditional". You will be disturbed by its powerplant: Mazda. We were thinking of your pain when we looked under the hood hahaha.

Anyway rules exist to be broken no?.... or not?


Hey Hejl, what lenses were you using? Specifically for the super close detail shots on the cars. That Fd looks sick, some great photography here. It made a car show seem interesting, which aint easy :).


Like Stray said, amazing shots Hejl, I'd love to know what kind of lens you were shooting too. I checked out your flickr too, your a helluva photog, hope we see your stuff again.


Wow, that Yaris is wild. Is that the stock motor converted to an FR layout? Oh yeah, great pics Jim!



Thanks for the comments. Glad you like the shots. Making a car show look interesting IS quite a challenge. I worked really hard for those shots. Thanks for noticing :)

The lens used on the rx7 (and a few other shots) is the canon 90mm tilt-shift lens.


If you look at the images in the review, you'll see that the lens can physically tilt the focal plane (which creates that bizarre shallow depth-of-field... which looks like macro photography). It can also shift (which appears to raise or lower your point of view..... nice when you don't have a ladder around). On top of all that, the lens can rotate at 45-degree increments -- which allows for endless configurations.

It's a tricky lens to handle. Lots of knobs, manual focus, and the tilt really screws up the exposure sensors (so, it's pretty much manual exposure also). But, you can get some exceptionally cool images with it. It is really useful for isolating a subject, and just destroying annoying background elements.

As a bonus, with all the knobs neutralized, it becomes an awesome stock 90mm lens. It is just ridiculously sharp and clear. And, it opens up nice and wide (2.8). It's a great piece of glass.

I'll definitely be shooting more for speedhunters. I had a great time at DTP, and am quite anxious to shoot more cars. It's a bit addicting.

Did you see this video I made? Seems like something you guys would enjoy. I had such a blast making it:


Last, if there are any shooting opportunities in the Vancouver area drop me a line. Shooting "events" is fine, but I'd like to really document the sub-culture...

jim at hejl dot com




Hi guys, thanks to the Speedhunters crew for takin' the time to come out and cover our event. It really means a lot to everyone involved when people take a moment to appreciate all the hard work that has gone into a show like this. Special thanks to Rod, Jim, Mike, any others on the team that attended, and of course - Antonio for exposing me to the wonderful world that is Speedhunters!


Wow, coverage on a Vancouver Event? I guess being that Mr. Chong lives there it helps. Being in Vancouver, you would be hard pressed to be further away from the automotive main stream. However, After living in Vancouver most of my life, and now living in CEN CAL, I can’t help but think about how many very cool, very well executed cars Vancouver has running around. There are some very devoted ¼ mile cars that are very quick and some very clean style JDM/USDM cars as well. For those into the high end exotics, they can often be seen outside of Gotham steak house, or cruising down Robson Street. It really is a great city for car watching.

After Three years of living in California, I am moving back to Vancouver, and am very excited to get back to the next DTP show next year.

Thanks for the coverage, and making me miss home guys! I can’t wait to get back!

By the way, more EF/EE/ED chassis shots please…… ; )