Event>>dirt, Air And Water: Rally D’italia

Thought we'd share with you these amazing WRC photos from the recent Rally d’Italia – Sardegna.

The event was won by the unstoppable defending World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb.

This was the last event for the current Subaru Impreza WRC2007. I bet the drivers are looking forward to the debut of the new car.

I just love the exotic locations that the WRC visits. It's one of the true appeals of the championship IMO.

In the WRC whenever there are cars flying through the air, there are crowds of people. Cars not on ground = people happy. Similar to the equation: cars make smoke = people happy. Related to: cars sliding about on the edge of control = people happy

Subaru driver Chris Atkinson is having a great season so far. He's holding down third in the overall championship.

You can see how the crowd on the left side of the photo have turned their backs to the car to avoid getting a face full of stones. Better them than me!

More slow shutter goodness. Blurry shots can be good right Antonio?

BTW is there interest in seeing more this type of material on
Speedhunters? From my viewpoint some of these WRC cars are the same
models that are being built as time attack or "JDM" style cars around
the world so there is a direct correlation. I'm not a purist though by
any stretch of the imagination, and am curious what our Auto-Otaku and
Kultivate readers think of this. Too far from JDM culture for you, or
are you happy to see this type of content?

Photo sources: Ford, Subaru, Red Bull, Suzuki

:Rod Chong

WRC Offcial website



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I'd love to see more info on WRC.


Why not? Bring em on! WRC has got to be one of the most raw form of motorsports!


More WRC please! And more of those amazing pictures you guys keep posting. Is there a way to post em bigger, for use as like a desktop?


WRC FTW! Nothing gets more raw than 300BHP turbocharged AWD rally cars with fire breathing and ear deafening exhausts that slide all over the place.


I'd definitely like to see more of this content, i think it's aesome, like you said::

cars sliding about on the edge of control = people happy


It's a new site. Make it what you want. What's the point of reproducing only the same style of content from your old blogs, here?


tx for the feedback all, good to know.

Ross we do plan on opening a high res desktop area on the site soon. Have a few features we've yet to roll out.


I agree with oldschoolZ and jblaine . keep it comin!


I'm not American and i grew up totally on WRC so any kind of coverage is good coverage.


Every body love the WRC, In the next salon i´m going to get some cool photos of the old Portuguese Group B rally cars


YES, YES, YES. We need as much rally as possible.

It'd be nice to have some event listing, too - not only for rally but for every kind of racing. It's hard to find out when rallies are, much less when are the ones near me.