Hawaii Style: Two Civic Wagons Done Right

If there’s one thing I love about car culture, it’s the many ways there are to skin a cat; I’ve seen likely tens of thousands of stock, modified, track-prepped and race-built cars over the few years I’ve been Speedhunting. And while certain builds appeal to different people, there’s no wrong way to do things.

Well, there is, but that’s beside the point. Because my point in this case is that Hien and Christie’s fourth-gen Civic wagons are cars that I would have never seen myself in until I saw the pair parked next to each other when Sara and I were out in Oahu, Hawaii. Sure, I’ve seen a few pretty wagon cool builds before, but none quite like this.

It’s not like these are the most expensive or intensive builds either, and that’s what’s so special about this hobby to me. The iterations are endless, and sometimes the simplest cars are the best.


The Mooneyes details – Saturn Moon Discs and pin-striping by Hiro ‘Wildman’ Ishii – are what initially drew me in to Hien’s wagon, but there’s a bit going on under the skin, too.

Unsurprisingly, the car is lowered on coilovers that are paired with a number of other suspension components to keep the geometry happy. And when I asked about what was under the hood, Hien replied that it’s “a stock D15 with a Mooneyes oil cap, Y8 exhaust manifold, a GReddy muffler, and sh*tty piping.”

That spirit just seems so perfect to me and I love that this utilitarian wagon exists at all, let alone that it’s still enjoyed to this level on a regular basis by its owner. And don’t miss that oscillating fan from Japan to help fight the humidity in Hawaii — humidity not unlike Japan’s own in the summer.


In the next spot over was Christie’s right-hand drive Shuttle, complete with rad-era decals and 4WD mud flaps. A Southside Auto front lip pairs nicely with the extra driving lights up front, while the roof rack and side window deflectors round things out up top. Of course, the Work Equip 40s are a nice touch, too.


Under the hood everything has been left alone with the single-cam ZC engine. And, as with other wagon at hand, coilovers are paired with a plethora of aftermarket suspension bits to get the car to sit right.


The two builds are simple and straightforward, and I really love the end result in both cases. Neither car is flashy; they haven’t been built up from top to bottom, and neither are likely to win too many races, either.

Instead, these cars remain useful and driveable, both exuding a specific style as they rack up the miles. Not to mention, the entry price for a Civic wagon is not that high. And yet, it’s these sort of honest, outside-the-box cars — that actually get driven — that have become my favorite over the years.

Now, to resist searching up wagons on Craigslist… and, too late.

Trevor Ryan
Instagram: trevornotryan



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Ah-Moon discs. I like the little 1500 just need to keep the revs up, but a d16z6 fits right in and keeps up the NA Sohc, I some times feel like the wagon handles better than the hatch. Any one ever see a 4gen wagon at road Atlanta?


Can you please not post these buckets and cover the real SHIT like BNR and NSX behind?


Dont know about the US, but in Norway these cars are almost more rare than a NSX or a R32 due to the fact that they have all rusted to bits over the years. Everybody (myself included) wants rare jdm cars, but because of that there will be less variation and in the end a lack of excitement i think.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

How old are you? 10?

As much as I love NSX, this site is not just about high power and big budget builds. It's about celebrating car culture.


How often do you see a Honda Shuttle at an event? I appreciate this short and simple spotlight. Not everyone who follows SH has the deep pockets to afford the NSX. The staff covers a broad range of vehicle to relate to the broad range of followers of this site. Sometimes you have to look past the flashy cars to find to uncommon gems at an event.


I'd rather see these cars than the same nsx and bnr we see every week. This is the content that keeps me coming here, not the internet hype builds


spin it whichever way you please, these are rice in every definition of the word


@aguy why should you care about whether it's rice or not? It's up to the owner to enjoy what he wants to build. Besides, this site isn't just about muh hurdur 86 and revered jdms and clean euro builds only. It also appreciates the things you don't often see and deserve to be showcased, like these Civic wagons. And @john Kim, if you can't appreciate them, so be it. You surely need to leave a comment like that; they will be SO SURE to take note of it.


the darker wagon looks like a time capsule. it is perfect


Having seen the car in person, it is in pristine shape. It even has an OEM flare, lol.


The first one looks bad but the dark blue looks alright.


I like this article Speedhuters has a nice balance to it, and its a great place to see how other people all around the world go about the art of cars. Love it or hate it I always respect the build and the people behind it.


I really want a shuttle, re-watched the transporter just recently to notice that they smashed one up in scene where teh cars fall of the trailer... how annoying.